Cutting Edge: Unveiling the Power of the Rebar Cutter

Manually slicing through rebar with steel cutters or a blow torch is not just tiring — it also makes it difficult to get accurate cuts. These issues disappear when you use a portable rebar cutter.

At RAPIDTOOL Australia, we offer top-notch reo cutters specifically for construction workers and contractors in need of a handy, portable solution for cutting reinforcing steel bars. Our portable rebar cutter models are not only lightweight but also safety-tested, ensuring they deliver high performance and reliability, even on the most demanding job site.

How reliable are rebar cutters?

Unlike manual tools, our rebar cutter ensures precision and fast cutting speeds in approx. 3 seconds, making it a must-have to increase productivity and safety on your construction site. Its compact size and ergonomic design make it easy to use and manoeuvre anywhere, especially in areas with limited space. Plus, the no-sparks operation can increase safety in your construction site.

This model weighs only 8kg and can cut 4-16mm steel bars in about seconds. Its industrial-strength machine head and powerful hydraulics ensure an efficient, accurate, and clean cut each time, thanks to the robust single-phase 220-240 V – 1200 W motor. We also carry other rebar cutters to suit the size of the steel bars you’re using, such as 4-20mm, 6-32mm, and 4-25mm.

Versatile rebar cutters

Working on rebar means cycles of cutting and bending each steel bar to the right size and angle. Instead of using separate tools, try our rebar cutter with a built-in bender. It’s a popular option for workers who want to save time and effort. We offer these industrial machines for steel bars measuring 4-25mm and 6-32mm, making them versatile for every construction site. They can bend steel bars to 90 degrees in less than 2.5 seconds and cut them in as little as 3 seconds. Plus, they are easy to operate as they come with foot pedals and fixed bending pin diameters to control bending angles more accurately.

Which rebar cutter should you get? Allow us to take the guesswork out of choosing the right equipment here at RAPIDTOOL Australia. Chat with us here or, call 1800-955-755, or send an enquiry here.

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