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Portable Rebar Cutters – The Need

Here at RAPIDTOOL, we understand that rebar cutting is a very demanding task. You need the highest quality rebar cutter to perform the job to a professional standard and save contractors from unnecessary injuries. RAPIDTOOL stocks a high quality rebar cutter range that will provide years of outstanding performance. Our range includes electric and hydraulic rebar cutting machines and portable/cordless rebar cutters.

Rebar cutting is a harrowing task especially when done manually for extended periods of time. The repeated trauma on the musculoskeletal system caused by manual rebar cutting can potentially lead to serious injuries in the future. Using a reo cutter for this laborious task will trump the use of a blow torch or manual steel cutters every time. Rebar is a foundational feature in almost every structural project, so a reliable reo cutter is certainly an important tool to invest in. RAPIDTOOL features portable cordless and electric rebar cutters as well as heavy-duty industrial rebar cutters that are highly adaptable to suit any tradesperson’s requirements.

RAPIDTOOL’s portable rebar cutters for sale – a range of amazing rebar cutting machines that have been designed to deliver the killer combo of performance and portability. These rebar cutters are truly a cut above the rest, in terms of quality, reliability and productivity. You could not have asked for a better way to increase the efficiency of your construction site!


Portable Rebar Cutters – The Options

RAPIDTOOL is a company that has been founded by and is still managed by true blue construction engineers who have seen it all and done it all when it comes to on-ground tasks. Ours is a team that genuinely understands the challenges faced by engineers and handymen as they do their job on a daily basis. And it is our job to ensure that these problems are resolved using the very best of tools and machinery that the market has to offer. In our bid to find superior quality portable rebar cutters for sale, we put every product through a series of stringent performance evaluations and assessments. Each reo cutter was tested on ground in gruelling working conditions to ensure that only the toughest and most reliable product becomes part of our catalogue. After all, we have to live up to the high standards that our clients have come to expect from our products.

The rebar cutter-bender combination is a popular choice as it cuts time between switching from each tool. Cordless rebar cutters are highly recommended for contractors who need portability and convenience as they are powerful enough to work for long periods of time without needing to be recharged. They are relatively lightweight making them ideal for transporting and manoeuvring on job sites with limited to no access to electricity. RAPIDTOOL provides top-of-the-line rebar cutting machines that are high-performance & safety-tested. Our equipment is built to last even in the toughest on site conditions.

Here are the portable rebar cutters for sale that we think are perfect for your construction operations.

  • The ERC-16 Portable 4-16mm Rebar Cutter – a handy machine to be used in construction sites that lack space. But don’t let its size fool you. This hydraulic rebar cutter can get the job done in less than 2.5 seconds!
  • The ERCP-20 Portable 4-20mm Rebar Cutter – a mean machine with a 4-20mm cutting capacity, powerful enough to take on even the most challenging of rebar cutting operations!
  • The ERC-20 Portable 4-20mm Rebar Cutter – a portable and powerful hydraulic rebar cutter that can get the job done in less than 2.5 seconds!
  • The ERC-25 Portable 4-25mm Rebar Cutter – this portable hydraulic machine cuts through solid rebar in under 3.0 seconds!
  • The ERC-32 Portable 6-32mm Rebar Cutter – a portable machine with superior power and performance that delivers a lightning quick cut under 3.0 seconds!
  • The CRBC-25 Industrial 4-25mm Rebar Cutter and Bender – this tough and powerful machine can cut and bend 4-25mm solid steel rebar in a matter of seconds! Industrial strength with superior power and performance.
  • The CRBC-32 Industrial 6-32mm Rebar Cutter and Bender – a combo package that packs a powerful punch and can bend as well as cut through solid rebar in seconds!


Portable Rebar Cutters – The Benefits

RAPIDTOOL is proud to be a trusted partner in construction projects across Australia. Ours is a brand that engineers and project managers rely upon to deliver superior quality electric and hydraulic rebar cutters and benders that are tough, reliable and will deliver predictable performance every time they are switched on. When it comes to portable reo cutters, one of the biggest issues that worries users is to compromise on power in the name of portability. But our range of electric and hydraulic rebar cutters has been selected because they are capable of packing a mean punch in a small sized frame – perfect for construction sites that need a smart solution to the problem of handling rebar. The rebar cutting machines we offer can provide you with a host of functional benefits that include:

  • The RAPIDTOOL brand is known for its ingenious products and superior performance.
  • RAPIDTOOL’s stringent quality checks have ensured that only the most reliable and value-worthy rebar cutting machines are offered here to you for your construction project. No more hesitating before making the investment!
  • The machines we offer are the best in class, capable of executing accurate rebar cuts and bends without compromising the structure and strength of the metal rods.
  • These electric rebar cutters come equipped with an industrial grade machine head that can handle almost any kind of rough use you may subject it to.
  • In terms of portability advantages, you will find that each of these hydraulic and electric rebar cutting machines are easy to use, carry and store, making them a completely hassle-free addition to your construction site.
  • Using superior hydraulics and smart engineering, these machines can help you minimise resource, time and effort wastage on your worksite, making your operations more efficient, productive and predictable.
  • Designed for safety, you will never have to worry about the health and wellness of your construction workers again as long as you have these rebar cutting machines on your construction site.


Portable Rebar Cutters – The RAPIDTOOL Advantage

We at RAPIDTOOL know just how harrowing and demanding a task like rebar cutting and bending can be. Trying to cut a solid, thick metal bar without compromising its structure and strength isn’t as easy as it sounds. You cannot take an ordinary set of tools to get the job done either – this is a task that calls for specialist equipment and a lot of effort on the part of your handymen. In most cases, cutting rebar manually can be challenging. It takes more time, isn’t effective and accurate and can lead to serious health issues in workers who are handling the task. The strain exerted on their muscles and bones is enough to give them a lifetime of pain and discomfort. RAPIDTOOL believes that it is your duty as a project manager to ensure that the lives of your on-site workers is made easier. That is why we have lined up this array of portable rebar cutters for sale – machines that are designed to take the stress out of rebar operations. It is RAPIDTOOL’s promise – you can place your trust on each of these rebar cutting machines to deliver predictable performance, every time you switch them on!

Check out the various portable rebar cutters that we have here on offer. RAPIDTOOL’s team of experts will be happy to resolve any of your technical queries regarding the products. Get in touch with our representatives today for a detailed quote!


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