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Portable Rebar Cutters – The Need

Rebar cutting is a harrowing task especially when done manually for extended periods of time. The repeated trauma on the musculoskeletal system caused by manual rebar cutting can potentially lead to serious injuries in the future. Using a reo cutter for this laborious task will trump the use of a blow torch or manual steel cutters every time. Rebar is a foundational feature in almost every structural project, so a reliable reo cutter is certainly an important tool to invest in. RAPIDTOOL features portable hydraulic and electric rebar cutters as well as heavy-duty industrial rebar cutters that are highly adaptable to suit any tradesperson’s requirements.

Portable Rebar Cutters – The Options

The rebar cutter-bender combination is a popular choice as it cuts time between switching from each tool. Portable rebar cutters are highly recommended for contractors who need portability and convenience. They are relatively lightweight making them ideal for transporting and manoeuvring on job sites with limited access or space. RAPIDTOOL provides top-of-the-line rebar cutting machines that are high-performance & safety-tested. Our equipment is built to last even in the toughest on site conditions.

Here are the portable rebar cutters for sale that we think are perfect for your construction operations.

  • The ERC-16 Portable 4-16mm Rebar Cutter – a handy machine to be used in construction sites that lack space. But don’t let its size fool you. This hydraulic rebar cutter can get the job done in less than 2.5 seconds!
  • The ERCP-20 Portable 4-20mm Rebar Cutter – a mean machine with a 4-20mm cutting capacity, powerful enough to take on even the most challenging of rebar cutting operations!
  • The ERC-20 Portable 4-20mm Rebar Cutter – a portable and powerful hydraulic rebar cutter that can get the job done in less than 2.5 seconds!
  • The ERC-25 Portable 4-25mm Rebar Cutter – this portable hydraulic machine cuts through solid rebar in under 3.0 seconds!
  • The ERC-32 Portable 6-32mm Rebar Cutter – a portable machine with superior power and performance that delivers a lightning quick cut under 3.0 seconds!
  • The CRBC-25 Industrial 4-25mm Rebar Cutter and Bender – this tough and powerful machine can cut and bend 4-25mm solid steel rebar in a matter of seconds! Industrial strength with superior power and performance.
  • The CRBC-32 Industrial 6-32mm Rebar Cutter and Bender – a combo package that packs a powerful punch and can bend as well as cut through solid rebar in seconds!

Portable Rebar Cutters – The Benefits

With our superior tools, service and support, we have become an integral part of the construction industry in Australia. Our rebar cutters are engineered from experts offering quality service throughout their lifespan. We offer a range of hydraulic and electric rebar cutter options that provide remarkable control and significantly increase your rebar processing operations.

With our reo cutter, you can perform your job anywhere anytime. It is ergonomic and easily portable. We have been successful in addressing the pain points of this part of industrial jobs. Our exclusive and portable rebar cutter for sale can be carried to multiple sites without compromising power cutting and efficiency.

We have successfully met the specific requirements of the industry by packing ample power in our small easy-to-handle portable bar cutter machine tools. Construction companies and their workers prefer using our bar cutters due to their compact size, power-driven designs and usability. In fact, we have provided a smart solution that enables construction workers to increase their output and make them more productive.

Experience these benefits when you use a RAPIDTOOL rebar cutting machine:

Reputation due to performance

RAPIDTOOL has become a leading brand in the construction industry due to our reputation in providing high performing smart solutions. We have addressed the painstaking hurdles of construction work and our machines have been designed based on making these jobs easier and safer. Construction workers know why they prefer using our machines on-site.

Extensive quality check

Our rebar cutting machines are manufactured to industry standards and a comprehensive quality check is completed before sending them to market. We provide high quality, reliable products which makes RAPIDTOOL a trustworthy brand that construction companies choose to invest in.

Accuracy that matters

We have delivered small, ergonomic and powerful electric and hydraulic rebar cutters for efficient execution of the process. It is the accurate machine designs that never fail to impress and deliver expected results.

Hassle-free portability

Our rebar cutting machines are easily portable and lightweight. They can be carried to multiple sites without any hassle. The rebar cutter can be stored, packed and used easily.

Smart engineering

Experienced engineers have designed and packed immense power in the portable reo cutter so that you do not waste time, material or man-hours. The easy-to-use control makes work predictable, well-controlled and highly productive.

Health and safety of construction workers

Avoid physical stress and injury as well as increase your output by using the best rebar cutters available in our extensive range. Make rebar cutting jobs easier, and more importantly safer with our powerful cutting solutions.

Minimise wastage and be more resourceful

Use our rebar cutters to minimise wastage and ensure the optimum use of your time and energy. Increase your working speed by using our hydraulic rebar cutter.

It is time to make the right decision. Invest in the smarter, faster, safer choice and add a RAPIDTOOL rebar cutting machine to your collection. Your investment means unparalleled products, support, warranty and prolonged lifespan!

Portable Rebar Cutters – The RAPIDTOOL Advantage

Bending and cutting reinforced steel bars is not easy. It requires strength and precision. This is easily a task that can be made much easier, faster and safer by introducing a RAPIDTOOL electric rebar cutter into the team. We have delivered the best rebar cutting machines specifically for different types of construction work.

We have primarily focused on delivering rebar cutters that are smaller, lighter and more powerful. This is no easy feat but with a team of expert designers and engineers this can easily be accomplished.  With our innovative and portable rebar cutter for sale, you can easily cut rebar at any site and in the most challenging of conditions.

Forget the challenges of cutting rebar manually. It takes a lot of time, energy and force from your team.  Doing the same physical job at a stretch can be very tiring causing accidents on-site. Prevent your workers from physically exhausting themselves by introducing our portable rebar cutter for sale range. Avoid hot works and the inherit dangers of using angle grinders on-site.

The rebar cutting machine does the work for you and avoids physical stress. In fact, your team will be able to increase the quality and efficiency of rebar cutting jobs multiple times over. The advantages of using a rebar cutter can be felt instantly when this machine is in your hand. It makes any rebar cutting job effortless and hassle-free. Your construction team will be happier, more productive and more importantly safer by using our portable rebar cutter.

Feel free to contact our team of experts to answer all of your queries. We will be happy to help you choose the right item from our collection of portable rebar cutters for sale. We will help to work through your specifications and find solutions for your problems. Make our rebar cutting machines part of your construction projects.

Customer Reviews ★★★★★

“Great tools from this company! Strong and reliable will work for many years. Plus great customer service. I will be back for more power tools in the future.”

“The ERC-16 Electric Rebar Cutter does the job cleanly and very efficiently!! Great Product!!”

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