ERC-20 Electric 4‑20mm Rebar Cutter


  • Fast cut speed - approx. 2.5 seconds
  • Industrial strength machine head cuts up to 20mm rebar (D500N)
  • Powerful single phase 220-240V - 1200W motor driving a high precision, hydraulic pump
  • Powerful hydraulics for a clean, accurate and efficient cut
  • Portable model
  • No sparks operation
  • Superior quality and performance
  • Increases efficiency and safety on site
  • Includes Carry Case, Maintenance Kit & Safety Guard
  • Outstanding local support and national service agent network
Model ERC-20
Cut Diameter 4‑20mm (Rm = 650MPa)
Electric Motor Single Phase - 220-240V AC - 50Hz
Power Input 1200W
Cut Speed Approx. 2.5 sec
Net Weight 13kg
Dimensions 41cm x 12cm x 22cm
Accessories Carry Case, Maintenance Kit & Safety Guard

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"Great tools from this company! Strong and reliable will work for many years. Plus great customer service. I will be back for more power tools in the future."

"Great reliable machines, that are saving us time! Very easy to deal with"

"Great products & excellent service"

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The RAPIDTOOL ERC-20 Portable Rebar Cutter strikes the perfect balance between power and precision, with superior quality hydraulics available to deliver fast, reliable clean cuts every time.

This electric hydraulic rebar cutter uses an amazing combination of technology and accuracy to deliver lightning-fast cuts. It has a cut diameter range of 4 to 20mm rebar (D500N) and can slice through a 20mm rebar rod in approx 2.5 seconds! The machine runs on a powerful yet reliable Single Phase – 220-240V AC – 50Hz - 1200W Electric Motor – a configuration that can handle any heavy-duty jobs that it is required to perform.

It comes fitted with an industrial strength forged working head, designed to deliver optimum performance even in the harshest of working conditions. When the going gets tough, this tough rebar cutter gets going!

This is a machine that is designed to make the life of a construction worker easy. The ergonomic and compact design allows for ease of use, portability and convenience.

And finally, this is a machine that makes rebar cutting safer than ever before. Its no-sparks cutting action makes it one of the safest machines of its kinds available in the market. If you are big on worker safety and workplace efficiency, this is the tool you should place your trust on.

The RAPIDTOOL brand is known for their superior quality hydraulics and reliable performance. Includes carry case, maintenance kit & safety guard.



Here at RAPIDTOOL, we understand that rebar cutting is a very demanding task. You need a high quality rebar cutter to perform the job to a professional standard and save contractors from unnecessary injuries.

RAPIDTOOL stock a variety of high quality rebar cutters that will provide years of outstanding performance. Our range includes electric hydraulic rebar cutters and industrial rebar cutting and bending machines.

RAPIDTOOL Combining Speed with Convenience and Reliability.


Why do you need the RAPIDTOOL ERC-20 Electric 4-20mm Rebar Cutter?

Construction engineering is a marvel in its own right. Every bit of material - from concrete to wood, bricks to nuts and bolts and even wires – everything comes together like puzzle pieces to create the complete the final structure. And the thing that holds this structure together and ensures that it remains standing tall and strong forever is rebar – solid steel rods that act as the core of any construction project. Handling rebar on a construction site is probably the most common of tasks that need to be completed on a site. It is also one of the trickiest, given the fact that rebar is designed to be immensely strong, solid and unbendable. But fitting it into a structure means that these rods will have to be cut, bent and shaped as per the project’s requirements. And if you are associated with the construction industry, whether as an engineer, site manager or handyman, you would know that this is genuinely a difficult task to handle. Ordinary snips are no match for something as strong and solid as rebar. You need something that can slice through the metal with power and precision, while enhancing the productivity and maintaining the safety of your workers. That is where an electric hydraulic rebar cutter will save your day. And with RAPIDTOOL’s handpicked selection – the RAPIDTOOL ERC-20 Electric 4-20mm rebar cutter - you get a machine that you can count on!


ERC-20 Electric 4-20mm Rebar Cutter – Key Specifications

There are many options available in the market for someone looking to buy an electric rebar cutter for a construction site. But not every one of these products has what it takes to win RAPIDTOOL’s trust. We ran each of these machines through rigorous performance tests and unearthed the one name that delivers the supreme quality and performance that we know our customers expect from us – the RAPIDTOOL ERC-20 Electric 4-20mm rebar cutter. This top-notch machine has what it takes to be a part of your elite construction project. Here is a list of its key performance specifications:

  • A Cut Diameter of 4-20mm (Rm = 650MPa) – perfectly suited for most of your rebar cutting operations.
  • A mighty Single Phase 220-240V AC – 50Hz Electric Motor to power the machine.
  • 1200W power input is what you will need to run this tool and watch how its cuts through solid rebar like butter.
  • An astonishing Cutting Speed – this electric rebar cutter takes approx. 2.5 seconds to slice through steel!
  • A total Net Weight of just 13kg - easy and light for your handymen to use, carry and operate.
  • A handy compact design that is just 41cm x 12cm x 22cm – combining power and portability in one amazing product.
  • A package that takes care of all your needs – this rebar cutter comes packed with accessories like a Carry Case, Maintenance Kit & Safety Guard


ERC-20 Electric 4-20mm Rebar Cutter – Functional Benefits

RAPIDTOOL prides itself at being one of the most trusted and preferred suppliers of construction tools like electric rebar cutters and electric rebar benders in Australia. And that is an achievement made possible through countless efforts made by our team towards searching for the top machines that our customers can use on their projects. There is a reason why we, at RAPIDTOOL, have chosen to offer the RAPIDTOOL ERC-20 Electric 4-20mm rebar cutter to you – our prized customer. This is one machine that we guarantee you can bank upon. Check out the many functional benefits that this electric hydraulic rebar cutter will bring to your construction site:

  • With best-in-class cutting quality and reliable performance, this is one electric hydraulic rebar cutter that you can depend upon to ensure uninterrupted operations on your construction site.
  • The RAPIDTOOL ERC-20 with its 4-20mm cutter can slice through rock hard steel rebar in approx. 2.5 seconds, helping you save the precious time and energy of your on-site engineers and workmen.
  • This machine has been fitted with an industrial strength cutting head designed to deliver top quality performance, even in the most challenging of conditions. Durability, reliability and efficiency is built-into the package!
  • The 220-240V electric motor that runs this machine will ensure optimum performance and reliable operation whenever you may need it. And in case you require, another variant of the RAPIDTOOL ERC-20 is also available with a 110-120V motor.
  • The Hydraulic of this rebar cutter are designed to bring power and precision into its operation. You can count on this machine to perform as expected and deliver superior quality cuts each time.
  • And the best part – the increased efficiency and cutting speed of the RAPIDTOOL ERC-20 electric hydraulic rebar cutter doesn’t compromise the safety and health of employees at all. Forget about sparks flying as metal clashes with metal – this machine slices through rebar without any fireworks whatsoever!


ERC-20 Electric 4-20mm Rebar Cutter – The RAPIDTOOL Advantage

Working on and managing a construction site is often thought to be similar to navigating a minefield – there are just too many tricky tasks to complete. And each of these tasks need to be completed with immense precision or else, the entire construction project can be put at risk of failure. Construction engineers need the best tools and machinery to execute these complex tasks, and that is exactly what you will find here with RAPIDTOOL – one of the most trusted suppliers of high end rebar benders and rebar cutters in Australia. Ours is a company that is founded and run by construction engineers – people who are connected with the beating heart of this industry. And THAT is what sets us apart from all other construction tools suppliers out there – we know what we are doing. Each of the electric rebar cutters and electric rebar benders in our product mix has been chosen after stringent quality checks. Every one of these machines has been subjected to the harshest of operational conditions to ensure that its functionality and performance doesn’t waiver from what is expected. All the tools that we offer have been tested on-ground to check for working glitches and usage experience. So, when we say that the RAPIDTOOL's ERC-20 is the best rebar cutter that you can get for your construction site, we genuinely mean every word!

Whether you are a professional steel fabricator or a simple handyman or a hotshot construction engineer engaged in the project of his/her dreams – if you are looking for a reliable and efficient electric rebar cutter for your onsite operations, you have reached just the right place. RAPIDTOOL proudly presents the RAPIDTOOL ERC-20 as the top choice for your rebar cutting needs. This is one machine that you shouldn’t think twice before inventing in. Get in touch with our team today for a detailed quote.

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