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Automatic Rebar Tying Machines

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RAPIDTOOL stocks the highest quality range of rebar tiers, including the RT-40 max 40mm rebar tier and replacement rebar tie wire.

We understand that without the right equipment, rebar tying can be a very demanding manual task. To save time and money, you need the highest quality rebar tying machines to perform the job to the highest standard. Having the correct rebar tier also save contractors from unnecessary repetitive strain injuries. Tying rebar manually can literally be the one of most back breaking work in the construction industry. Repetitive strain to back, arms and hand muscles can result in unwarranted injuries that cause even more severe musculoskeletal damage over the long run. For this reason, manual rebar tying work has been considered an outdated and inefficient health hazard.

Studies concerning the occupational risks undertaken by health workers in manual rebar tying are slowly but surely changing the way manual physical labor is implemented in work sites. Such studies have been conducted by organizations such as the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in the United States and the Construction Safety Association of Ontario.

RAPIDTOOL’s rebar tiers are of the most superior quality intending to save contractors’ and businesses’ time, money, and manual effort by performing the job more efficiently with minimum health trauma. Our top-of-the-line selection of rebar tiers includes the powerful RT-40 max 40mm rebar tier as well as the convenient replacement tie wire coils for the equipment. These all deliver powerful rebar tying processes that outperform most rebar tiers in the industry. With our strict quality control and controlled product testing, you and your contractors are guaranteed only the best.

Customer Reviews

“These guys have built one of the best tying guns in the world since I have owned one I haven’t used a pair of nips and I don’t get sore hands anymore.”

“Great reliable machines, that are saving us time! Very easy to deal with.”

“Great tools from this company! Strong and reliable will work for many years. Plus great customer service. I will be back for more power tools in the future.”

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