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About Rapid Tool

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Rapid Tool Australia in partnership with REO-MECH Manufacturing is proud owner and manufacturer of specialist Rebar Cutting and Bending Machine brand REO-MECH®. Rapid Tool Australia are also the international wholesaler for superior quality Rebar Tie Machine brand RAPID TOOL AUSTRALIA® .

Being a privately owned international distributor of specialist concreting tools and equipment, we continue to pursue excellence. We continually strive to ensure Rapid Tool is the market leader in providing high quality, innovative concreting construction solutions to the world. Our primary focus is in providing trades people with reliable, high performing and most of all affordable products.

“I became frustrated with the local availability, quality and price of concreting tools sold in Australia. As a Project Manager and Construction Engineer I realise the importance of maximising efficiency and production on the construction site through having the right tools and equipment. It was then I decided local communities need a brand they can trust, a brand that made new technologies affordable and available locally – this was the birth of Rapid Tool”

– Rapid Tool founder Ashley Cottle

As a company Rapid Tool implements strict quality controls and has warranties to support this. With a growing network of distributors, we build quality, lasting relationships within the concreting construction industry. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional communication and service.

Here at Rapid Tool we are confident the product you purchase will add significant value to your business. Contact us now for a free trial or consultation before purchasing any of our products.

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