Crushing Limits: Unleashing the Force of the Hydraulic Rebar Cutter

Are you still cutting reinforcing steel bars with a steel saw or a blow torch? These manual methods are not just time-consuming but can also reduce your productivity and precision when processing rebar. This is why we recommend using our hydraulic rebar cutter to save time and effort and ensure accurate cuts. Hydraulic power ensures seamless guillotine-like cuts without the risk of jamming. Plus, it minimises the operator’s effort and increases accuracy each time.

Here at RAPIDTOOL Australia, we offer the best selection of portable hydraulic rebar cutters that can adapt to your specific requirements. These lightweight devices can increase your flexibility at work with their convenience and portability. Moreover, they are easy to manoeuvre and transport, so you can work in areas with limited space or access. We have carefully tested and verified the quality of our products to ensure their safety and reliable performance, especially in the most demanding construction sites.

A handy rebar-cutting machine

Does your construction site lack space? We recommend our compact hydraulic rebar cutter. It weighs just 8kg, and despite its size, it takes only 2 seconds to cut 4-16mm steel bars with its industrial-strength machine head and precise hydraulic pump powered by a 220-240V (1200 W) motor. In addition, its no-sparks operation increases the safety of your worksite.

Are you working with steel bars in other sizes? Look no further because we have other portable hydraulic rebar cutters for 4-25mm, 4-20mm, and 6-32mm rods. Like our 4-16mm model, these rebar cutters will finish the job in less than 3 seconds while guaranteeing clean, efficient, and accurate cuts.

A comprehensive product

We are the best place to get a hydraulic rebar cutter in Australia. Each device includes a safety guard, carry case and maintenance kit. Plus, local support is always available from a national service agent network. We guarantee the performance and quality of our products, as they are designed by experienced engineers who make sure these machines won’t waste your time or materials.

Contact us today for a quote on your preferred hydraulic rebar cutter. We can also help you compare our products to help you make an informed choice based on your needs.






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