Craig Galvin

“Easy to deal with”

Sam Jeffs

“Great tools from this company! Strong and reliable will work for many years. Plus great customer service. I will be back for more power tools in the future.”

Geoff Clark – Builder

“Great products & excellent service”

Concrete Ninja

“These guys have built one of the best tying guns in the world since I have owned one I haven’t used a pair of nips and I don’t get sore hands anymore.”

Mick Lowe – PAMICK Concrete

“The RT-40 saved many hours labour and did not leave offcuts to clean up. It is excellent! On a 300m2 job I needed only 3 guys instead of 6 and tying the rebar using the RT-40 tie wire machine took 4 hours instead of 2 days. It does not leave offcuts like doing it by hand. This saved a 4 hour clean up before the pour.”

Chris Webster – Steel Fixer

“Great Tie Machine, exceptional service, highly recommend!!”

Adrian Adams – Custom Homes Builder

“The RT-40 Rebar Tying Machine has saved my back. As an owner builder doing a very unique project home we have used the RT-40 for the floor slab, retaining walls and wall panels. It hasn’t missed a beat and has enabled us to complete the project very quickly. Highly recommend!”

Josh Stephens – Builder

“The ERC-16 Electric Rebar Cutter does the job cleanly and very efficiently!! Great Product!!”

Campbell Wakenshaw – Steel Fixer

“I can’t work without the RT-40 rebar tie machine. This tool is irreplaceable”

Russell Hood-Penn

“The Rapid Tool RT-40 rebar tie machine has enabled my concreting business to tie steel in under half the time with no effort. A must have for any steel fixer/concreter”

Soren Lund

“This tool is an absolute game changer, an absolute must in my opinion. 💪💪💪”

Karla Daniele

“Great service and great tools! Highly recommend RAPIDTOOL. Recently purchased the Rebar Tying Machine and it has already been such a game changer on our sites. Very efficient and easy to use!”

Sean Teague

“Good service”