Craig Galvin

“Easy to deal with”

Sam Jeffs

“Great tools from this company! Strong and reliable will work for many years. Plus great customer service. I will be back for more power tools in the future.”

Geoff Clark – Builder

“Great products & excellent service”

Concrete Ninja

“These guys have built one of the best tying guns in the world since I have owned one I haven’t used a pair of nips and I don’t get sore hands anymore.”

Mick Lowe – PAMICK Concrete

“The RT-40 saved many hours labour and did not leave offcuts to clean up. It is excellent! On a 300m2 job I needed only 3 guys instead of 6 and tying the rebar using the RT-40 tie wire machine took 4 hours instead of 2 days. It does not leave offcuts like doing it by hand. This saved a 4 hour clean up before the pour.”

Chris Webster – Steel Fixer

“Great Tie Machine, exceptional service, highly recommend!!”

Adrian Adams – Custom Homes Builder

“The RT-40 Rebar Tying Machine has saved my back. As an owner builder doing a very unique project home we have used the RT-40 for the floor slab, retaining walls and wall panels. It hasn’t missed a beat and has enabled us to complete the project very quickly. Highly recommend!”

Josh Stephens – Builder

“The ERC-16 Electric Rebar Cutter does the job cleanly and very efficiently!! Great Product!!”

Campbell Wakenshaw – Steel Fixer

“I can’t work without the RT-40 rebar tie machine. This tool is irreplaceable”

Russell Hood-Penn

“The Rapid Tool RT-40 rebar tie machine has enabled my concreting business to tie steel in under half the time with no effort. A must have for any steel fixer/concreter”

Soren Lund

“This tool is an absolute game changer, an absolute must in my opinion. 💪💪💪”

Karla Daniele

“Great service and great tools! Highly recommend RAPIDTOOL. Recently purchased the Rebar Tying Machine and it has already been such a game changer on our sites. Very efficient and easy to use!”

Sean Teague

“Good service”

Peter E.

“Great reliable machines, that are saving us time! Very easy to deal with”

Brad E.

“Great products and even better service, I would highly recommend.”