ERC-16 Electric 4‑16mm Rebar Cutter


    • Fast cut speed - approx. 2.0 seconds
    • Industrial strength machine head cuts up to 16mm rebar (D500N)
    • Powerful single phase 220-240V - 1200W motor driving a high precision, hydraulic pump
    • Powerful hydraulics for a clean, accurate and efficient cut
    • Lightweight portable model (8kg)
    • No sparks operation
    • Superior quality and performance
    • Increases efficiency and safety on site
    • Includes Carry Case, Maintenance Kit & Safety Guard
    • Outstanding local support and national service agent network
Model ERC-16
Cut Diameter 4‑16mm (Rm = 650MPa)
Electric Motor Single Phase - 220-240V AC - 50Hz
Power Input 1200W
Cut Speed Approx. 2.0 sec
Net Weight 8kg
Dimensions 46cm x 12cm x 17cm
Accessories Carry Case, Maintenance Kit & Safety Guard

Customer Reviews ★★★★★

"The ERC-16 Electric Rebar Cutter does the job cleanly and very efficiently!! Great Product!!"

"Great reliable machines, that are saving us time! Very easy to deal with"

"Great tools from this company! Strong and reliable will work for many years. Plus great customer service. I will be back for more power tools in the future."

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The RAPIDTOOL ERC-16 Portable Rebar Cutter strikes the perfect balance between power and precision, with superior quality hydraulics available to deliver fast, reliable clean cuts every time.

This electric hydraulic rebar cutter uses an amazing combination of technology and accuracy to deliver lightning-fast cuts. It has a cut diameter range of 4 to 16mm rebar (D500N) and can slice through a 16mm rebar rod in approx. 2.0 seconds! The machine runs on a powerful yet reliable Single Phase – 220-240V AC – 50Hz - 1200W Electric Motor – a configuration that can handle any heavy-duty jobs that it is required to perform.

It comes fitted with an industrial strength forged working head, designed to deliver optimum performance even in the harshest of working conditions. When the going gets tough, this tough rebar cutter gets going!

This is a machine that is designed to make the life of a construction worker easy. The ergonomic and compact design allows for ease of use, portability and convenience.

And finally, this is a machine that makes rebar cutting safer than ever before. Its no-sparks cutting action makes it one of the safest machines of its kinds available in the market. If you are big on worker safety and workplace efficiency, this is the tool you should place your trust on.

The RAPIDTOOL brand is known for their superior quality hydraulics and reliable performance. Includes carry case, maintenance kit & safety guard.



Here at RAPIDTOOL, we understand that rebar cutting is a very demanding task. You need the highest quality rebar cutters to perform the job to a professional standard and save contractors from unnecessary injuries.

RAPIDTOOL stock a variety of high quality rebar cutters that will provide years of outstanding performance. Our range includes electric hydraulic rebar cutters and industrial rebar cutting and bending machines.

Try out a RAPIDTOOL Rebar Cutter – Combining Speed with Convenience and Reliability.


Why do you need the RAPIDTOOL ERC-16 Electric 4-16mm Rebar Cutter?

Rebar or reinforced steel bars are durable, long lasting and designed to bear tons worth of loads and provide strength and stability to mammoth buildings and structures. Its role in construction engineering is pivotal as it is used to bring solidity and firmness to the structure. However, for just about any tradesman, handyman, builder or contractor, rebar cutting and bending happens an on-site task that usually falls in the difficult category. These bars are lengthy steel rods that need to be correctly bent, shaped and sized in accordance with the structural needs of a project and one cannot simply grab an ordinary set of snips or bolt cutters to make that happen. This is a job meant to be handled with massive muscle. You need a powerful machine that can slice through the metal with minimum inconvenience and maximum efficiency. That’s where our product comes into play! RAPIDTOOL has searched through the plethora of electric rebar cutters available out there to select this machine – a rebar cutter that lives up to its name. Simply trust this machine to deliver professional quality work while maintaining the safety of your workforce!


ERC-16 Electric 4-16mm Rebar Cutter – Key Specifications

RAPIDTOOL prides itself in being able to pick the best construction engineering tools and machines for our esteemed clients. When it comes to rebar handling, we know the importance of power and performance. And so, we bring to you this amazing machine that packs a mean punch on every application, while ensuring that your handymen are never put in harm’s way. The RAPIDTOOL ERC-16 Electric 4-16mm Rebar Cutter offers a host of different features to users including:

  • Supreme cutting efficiency with a cut diameter of 4-16mm (Rm = 650MPa)
  • A powerful and reliable single phase 220-240V AC – 50Hz electric motor
  • Power input requirement of 1200W to run the machine and get any rebar cutting job completed with precision.
  • Unmatched cutting speed – this electric rebar cutter can slice through reinforced steel bars in less than approx. 2.0 seconds!
  • An easy to use and carry machine with a net weight of just 8 kilograms – now that’s what we call comfortable functionality!
  • A relatively small and convenient design with a 46cm x 27cm x 12cm overall frame.
  • A composite package – this electric hydraulic rebar cutter comes with a nifty Carry Case, Maintenance Kit, Detachable Handle & Safety Guard to help you enjoy the best that this product has to offer.


ERC-16 Electric 4-16mm Rebar Cutter – Functional Benefits

RAPIDTOOL understands the importance of having high end rebar cutters and rebar benders on a job site. With reinforced steel rods being a foundational component of any modern construction structure, contractors need the finest of tools and machines to allow professional tradesmen to cut and shape them with ease. This RAPIDTOOL electric hydraulic rebar cutter offers a host of functional advantages that will make your onsite rebar tasks easy. Supreme features and reliable performance sets this electric rebar cutter apart from the crowd, making it the best choice for your next project. Check out some of the functional benefits you can gain by investing in the ERC-16 Electric 4-16mm Rebar Cutter, brought to you by RAPIDTOOL:

  • This lightning fast electric rebar cutter can slice through resilient steel in less than 2 seconds – your toughest onsite task will now get completed in record time with minimum inconvenience.
  • Top notch cutting quality is guaranteed with this electric hydraulic rebar cutter – RAPIDTOOL has fitted this machine with a mean electric motor that will deliver reliable performance and superior quality cuts every time.
  • The rebar cutter comes fitted with an industrial strength machine head that is built to perform well even in the toughest work conditions with maximum precision and efficiency.
  • Superior quality hydraulics backed with the high end 220-240V electric motor make this rebar cutter a force to be reckoned with.
  • Designed for convenience, this machine maximises on portability and performance with a lightweight frame, easy to handle structure and detachable handle that makes it easy to carry and store.
  • And the best part – this electric hydraulic rebar cutter guarantees safety and efficiency on site. A powerful cutting action with no-sparks operation is all you can ask for on a job site!


ERC-16 Electric 4-16mm Rebar Cutter – The RAPIDTOOL Advantage

RAPIDTOOL is founded and managed by construction engineers. We have extensive practical experience of working on construction sites and dealing with handymen and professional fabricators. And it all allows us to safely say that yes - we know how the world of engineering moves and what needs and challenges affect the everyday working of contractors. We understand the importance of the right tools and equipment on a construction site. The wrong machine can sometimes lead to major setbacks for a project and the right tool can bring efficiency and precision like never before to the job site. That is why RAPIDTOOL puts in the all the hard work – to help you find just the right solution for your needs.

Using a manual rebar bender and cutter can put extreme pressure on a handyman’s muscles and bones, making the task painful and exhausting which may also lead to imprecise results. Electric rebar cutters often create another set of challenges – sending sparks flying across as a workman attempts to slice through steel rebar with a metal cutter. All these safety risks combined with the inefficiency of most commercially available rebar cutting machines led RAPIDTOOL to search for better alternatives. And our incessant efforts into this quest finally yielded an astounding array of solutions. We unearthed the best line of products including electric rebar benders and cutters that redefine quality and match every standard that you may have set in terms of expected performance. Before bringing it to you, our team of experienced engineers and contractors subjects each product to stringent quality checks and functionality tests. Each of our electric rebar benders and cutters is guaranteed to fetch the biggest bang for your buck – that’s why we never hesitate in backing our choices with a one-year warranty! We pride ourselves in being the purveyors of high quality specialist tools to the construction industry. RAPIDTOOL promises the best value for your money and the best solutions for your needs. Place your trust in our range of products and you will never have to worry about onsite machines and tools ever again!

So, what are you waiting for? The RAPIDTOOL ERC-16 Electric 4-16mm Rebar Cutter is a machine that deserves your attention. Consider investing in this reliable rebar tool today! Get in touch with the specialists at RAPIDTOOL to discuss your needs and possible solutions. We are happy to be of service to you.

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