Service and Repair

Here at Rapid Tool, we aim to maximize the efficiency of all machine service and repair requirements.

All Rapid Tool products are protected by our 12 Month Limited Warranty Policy (see below). 

Machines are not rated and should NOT be used for commercial rebar production purposes. Warranties do not cover machines used for this purpose.

Australian Limited Warranty Terms & Conditions

For all International Warranty enquiries please refer to your approved Rapid Tool Distributor for details.

Repair and or replacement of the following consumable items/accessories are NOT included in Warranty cover – 

  • Batteries & battery chargers
  • Carbon brushes – includes motor damage as a result of not replacing worn brushes
  • Power chords & plugs
  • Cutting blocks
  • Tie machine extension arms
  • Tie machine holsters

Rapid Tool does not accept returns with the exception of those authorised by Australian Consumer Law. 

For more information, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

For all Servicing inquiries please Contact Us

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