Precision Cutting Solutions: Elevate Your Projects with Bar Cutters

Are you struggling to cut rebar with slow, imprecise methods? It’s time to stop using a blow torch, steel saw or grinder. Upgrade to a bar cutter to save time and get clean, accurate cuts every time.

Here at RAPIDTOOL, we have carefully chosen high-quality portable electric and hydraulic bar cutters to suit every requirement. We also carry heavy-duty industrial options that are more portable and easier to set up anywhere, regardless of your construction site’s size and location. Our lightweight and compact tools are easy to use and take anywhere. Some even have a built-in rebar bender to eliminate the need to get a separate one. With our solutions, you can stay productive and ensure precise cuts and bends every time.

What are the options?

Our portable rebar cutters include the following products:

  • ERC-16 4-16mm: A cutting-edge machine that suits small spaces. Despite its size, it can cut steel bars in 2 seconds with its industrial-strength machine head and powerful single-phase 220-240V – 1200W motor.
  • ERC-20 4-20mm: This machine is always up for challenging rebar-cutting operations without compromising performance and quality. It guarantees efficient, accurate, spark-free, clean cuts in less than 2.5 seconds.
  • ERC-25 4-25mm: A portable hydraulic bar cutter that gets the job done in less than 3 seconds. It has a 220-240V – 1550W single-phase motor driving a precise hydraulic pump.
  • ERC-32 6-32mm: A powerful and high-performance portable rebar cutter that delivers lightning-quick cuts in less than 3 seconds. Its industrial-strength machine head is powered by a reliable 220-240V – 3000W motor and a hydraulic pump.

At RAPIDTOOL, we also have cutter-and-bender machines to handle 4-25mm and 6-32mm steel bars. These powerful and tough devices offer industrial-strength performance and precision, with smart engineering that guarantees reliable function and increased productivity.

Are you interested in getting a bar cutter for your projects? Contact us here at RAPIDTOOL Australia for a custom quote. We’ll help you compare our rebar cutters to ensure the right solution meets your requirements.

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