Hydraulic Rebar Cutter Mastery: Breaking Ground with Efficiency and Precision

The hydraulic rebar cutter is changing the way we work. This innovation allows for time savings while also reducing the likelihood of rework and waste. Explore our selection of portable and industrial rebar cutters for sale on our website if you're looking to enhance efficiency in your operations.

At RAPIDTOOL, we are committed to bringing the best rebar-cutting machine (backed by professional support and service) to your construction projects. Our rebar cutters are designed with high-quality parts to guarantee dependable performance consistently. They are engineered to be portable and ergonomic, boasting a lightweight and compact design that ensures you can work effectively anytime, anywhere.

Increasing precision and efficiency

The ERC-16 hydraulic rebar cutter by RAPIDTOOL excels in addressing the challenges of working with reinforcing steel bars. Despite its compact size and weighing just 8kg, this portable cutter does not sacrifice efficiency, precision, or power. It impressively completes cuts in under 2.5 seconds, thanks to its single-phase 240V – 1200W motor and hydraulic pump, ensuring efficient, accurate, and clean results. Additionally, we offer models like the ERC-20, ERC-25 and ERC-32 Rebar Cutter, designed to cut steel bars ranging from 4-20mm, 4-25mm to 6-32mm in diameter, catering to various project requirements.

Experience more convenience

We also have a rebar-cutting machine with a built-in bender. The CRBC-25 and CRBC-32A Industrial Rebar Benders and Cutters are popular with tradespeople looking to save time when using two different tools. Both machines are powerful and tough, with industrial-strength performance and power from a single-phase 220-240V AC – 50Hz electric motor. They allow effortless operation with foot pedals and extra fixed bending pin diameters

Increase safety

Using our hydraulic rebar cutter will also increase the safety of your construction site with its no-sparks operation and user-friendly operation. If you’re interested, get in touch with us today to get a quote on our rebar-cutting machine.

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