Rapid Tool coming to a city near you

Here at Rapid Tool we are currently touring Australia showing Reinforcing Companies and Tool Resellers what we can do for their customers. Make sure you talk to your local Reinforcing Supplier or Tool Reseller to find out if they supply Rapid Tool Concreting Products. If not contact us direct!! 0458 493 407. We will be…
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Not just for experts – Rapid Tool Australia

One of the greatest benefits of the Rapid Tool product range is how easy our tools make activities that were once specialised. For example the RT-40 Rebar Tie Machine allows anybody to be an expert steel fixer. Imagine having a big mat or panel to tie and being able to employ labour hire or a…
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Health benefits – RT-40 Rebar Tie Machine:

  Studies have shown Rebar Tie Machines significantly reduce adverse effects on the spine caused by tying steel manually. This is due to the reduced impact on posture when compared to bending over a bar and simultaneously mobilising your upper body to tie wire manually. Furthermore you can perform ties up to five times faster with a…
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