Reo Bender Increases the Efficiency of Your Construction Site

Construction projects need to be finished on schedule because delays are expensive. Because of this workers are often under pressure to complete many physically-demanding tasks in a short amount of time. They often need to stand for long periods, carry heavy loads and bend repeatedly. This can put stress on their health and even result in serious injuries. Common medical problems in construction sites include muscle strain, spinal cord damage and electrocution.

How can you avoid these problems without compromising the efficiency and productivity of your workers? The answer is simple: Use machines. For example, reo benders are an excellent solution to the troubling task of bending reinforcement bars.

What are the benefits of using reo benders in your construction site?

Increased efficiency

Reo benders are one of the most crucial tools in any construction project. Manual bending is not only inefficient—it also puts workers at risk of injury, which may ultimately cause delays. A rebar bender can help users finish tasks in the shortest possible time. The highest quality models run on single-phase 220-240 volts, allowing them to bend even the thickest reinforcement bars without losing quality. On top of that, these benders have superior quality hydraulics, industrial-strength machine heads and wide bend diameters, angles and speeds.

Ease of use

Electric industrial benders are surprisingly easy to use. Experienced operators can set the bender at an accurate angle and use a foot pedal to do the work for them. Plus, foot pedals allow the user to operate the machine hands-free.

Note: before starting any operation, make sure to read the user manual thoroughly and take note of the safety measures.


Construction workers often need to carry heavy loads to different locations in a project site. Reo benders make things more manageable by being lightweight and portable. Some models even come with carrying cases.

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