Superior Quality Rebar Tiers Save Contractors from Unnecessary Injuries

Rebar tying machines are one of the most important tools when working on a large construction project. Without a quality rebar tier, tying steel reinforced bars is exhausting and demands a lot of energy.

Manually tying reinforced bars with pliers increases the risk of developing hand, wrist and elbow disorders among construction workers. They also spend most of the days bent over in a tiring position that can cause bad posture and severe back pain.

As a contractor, your workers are your responsibility. Save your construction employees from any risk of unnecessary injuries and long-term musculoskeletal damage by investing in a high-quality rebar tier.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) based in the US and the Construction Safety Association of Ontario recommend the following:

  1. Contractors should minimize the time workers spend tying rebar manually with pliers
  2. Rebar tiers should be provided to workers who spend more than one hour per day tying reinforced bars
  3. Extension handles should be provided when doing ground-level tying to minimize the time spent bending over in an uncomfortable position
  4. Rebar tying machines that can tie a range of rebar sizes are recommended for large-scale construction projects
  5. Rebar tying machines should be used to assist workers who have an existing hand or lower back injury to prevent any further damage

Invest in a rebar tier that is lightweight, portable and can tie a variety of rebar sizes. Aside from preventing unnecessary injuries, premium quality rebar tying machines guarantee increased productivity because they lessen the time it takes to tie a reinforced steel bar.

Choose a supplier that provides the highest quality rebar tying machine and offers ongoing support and maintenance in case of any damages. Purchase your rebar tier from a reputable seller that offers excellent customer service and the best construction tools.

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