Rebar Tying Tool Reduces Hazards in Rebar Tying Process on the Construction Site

The absence of certain tools can make it more challenging to work with reinforcing steel bars. One of the critical tools to have is the rebar tying tool. It will make rebar tying quicker, easier, and safer while preventing long-term injuries and accidents in the construction site. High-quality rebar tying equipment is designed by reputable manufacturers to provide predictable and reliable performance every time.

Manually tying steel bars is a demanding task that could cause you to waste money and time, and cause problems down the line, especially when the job is not done properly. The job requires making the same twisting motions by hand repeatedly while being positioned awkwardly as you work with heavy materials. That can result in serious chronic injuries on hand and arm joints and muscles and other parts of the body. Those issues can be avoided when you invest in the right rebar tying tool.

When the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health compared the hazards associated with tying rebar by hand versus using powered tools, they found that repeated manual labour often involved harmful wrist and hand movements, which can lead to serious injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. Workers are also likely to be stooped unsupported as they twist wires with pliers, resulting in back pain or injury down the line. The use of an electric powered rebar tying tool could reduce harmful wrist and hand movements.

The rebar tying tool can also be attached to an ergonomic electronic extension arm to prevent workers from stooping in awkward positions for long periods. This could also help protect against long-term back injuries and pain. Another advantage to using rebar tying tools is they can accomplish the job faster compared to when the wires are twisted manually. High-quality tying tools are lightweight, easy to handle and balance, and designed to be ergonomic.

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