Is an Electric Rebar Bender Reliable?

If you still bend reinforcement steel bars manually, you already know how harrowing and time-consuming it can be. Worse, it’s a safety hazard that increases your risk of developing musculoskeletal injuries down the line. Make the job easier and safer by switching from manual tools to an electric rebar bender. These electric, hydraulic tools are a great investment that ensures accurate bending without the back-breaking experience.

But how reliable is it? Here are some points to consider:

Portable and versatile

High-quality electric rebar benders deliver portability and performance each time. They come in different sizes to suit most types of steel bars. For instance, there are rebar bending tools with a bending capacity ranging from 6mm to 25mm and a bending angle of zero to 180 degrees. You should be able to find a suitable tool for your needs.

Powerful motor

The reliability of an electric rebar bender is influenced by the quality of its construction and parts. It should have a powerful single phase 220-240V AC – 50Hz motor that is energy efficient and proven to deliver predictable performance whenever it’s on. Rebar benders can accurately bend rebar ranging from 6mm to 25mm (500MPa) thick or 4-25mm and 6-32mm.

More options for you

Some electric rebar benders are lightweight, portable and easier to carry anywhere. They are compact with superior quality hydraulics, an industrial-strength machine head and a powerful electric motor to ensure a clean and efficient hydraulic bend. Some models have a built-in cutter which can be handy when you want to save space by having two tools in one compact device.

Once you try using an electric rebar bender, you’ll realise it’s an indispensable tool that can save time, increase your productivity and ensure optimum results. Be sure to buy one from a reputable manufacturer and supplier that offers excellent warranties and support.

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