Is Purchasing a Hydraulic Rebar Cutter a Good Decision?

If you’re still manually cutting rebar using manual cutting tools, you probably know how time-consuming the process can be. Perhaps you’re also familiar with the strain the process can cause on your body. If you think the process is exhausting, labour-intensive and putting you at risk of developing repetitive strain injuries, then it’s time to get a hydraulic rebar cutter. It will improve your productivity and increase safety in your worksite while ensuring accurate and quick cuts every time.

It’s a great investment!

Anyone who has worked on rebar knows that cutting steel bars repetitively is a troublesome activity, specifically when manually performed for extended periods. It causes repeated trauma on your musculoskeletal system and may eventually lead to major injuries. Using a hydraulic rebar cutter is better than relying on traditional and bulky cutters, especially when you constantly customise reinforcement steel bars for many projects. As rebar is a critical foundational feature in many structures, a high-quality rebar cutter is a great investment that will ensure proper cuts to help with the stability and quality of any structural project. Using a hydraulic rebar cutter also helps reduce waste and encourages resourcefulness.

What are the options?

Nowadays, you’ll find a range of electric and industrial rebar cutters that are versatile for any requirement. Portable hydraulic rebar cutters offer convenience and portability without compromising on power and reliability. Some models can cut in less than two seconds and come with superior quality hydraulics. They are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre on worksites with limited access. These features also eliminate the worry about rebar cutting straining your body.

You can also find a hydraulic rebar cutter with a built-in bender. It’s a popular option with tradespeople looking to reduce the time taken to switch between two different tools. No matter what you choose, you’re assured of safety-tested and high-performance equipment reliable for many projects to come.

Where to buy

Look for a reputable, established and trusted retailer in the construction industry for carrying smart and high-performance equipment and solutions for cutting, bending and tying rebar. That way you can be confident in the engineering, safety and quality of the hydraulic rebar cutter you're buying.

About the Company:

RAPIDTOOL is Australia's leading supplier of reinforcing tools such as rebar cutters, rebar benders and rebar tiers. We provide high quality and innovative concreting construction solutions to steel fixers (tradesmen who install rebar), concreters, builders, construction companies, concrete pool builders and much more. We have the largest range of portable, electric and hydraulic rebar construction tools in the market.

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