CRB-25 Industrial 6‑25mm Rebar Bender


    • Fast-bending speed - approx. 2.5 seconds (90°)
    • Industrial strength rebar bending capacity up to 25mm rebar (D500N)
    • Controlled, accurate bending angle range of from 0-180°
    • Powerful and efficient, accurate bends
    • Powerful single phase - 220-240V AC - 50Hz electric motor with power input - 1050W
    • Comes with foot pedals and additional fixed bending pin diameters of 80mm/105mm (custom sizes may be purchased on request)
    • Compact unit - 45cm x 50cm x 44cm – easy to fit in your workshop or job site
    • Superior quality and performance
    • Increases efficiency and safety on site
    • Outstanding local support and national service agent network


Model CRB-25
Electric Motor Single Phase - 220-240V AC - 50Hz
Power Input 1050W
Net Weight 91kg
Max Bending Capacity 25mm (Rm = 650MPa)
Min Bending Capacity 6mm
Bending Pin Diameter 80mm/105mm (custom sizes may be purchased on request)
Bending Angle 0-180°
Dimensions 45cm x 50cm x 44cm
Accessories Safety Guard & Foot Pedals

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CRB-25 Industrial 6-25mm Rebar Bender – OVERVIEW

The RAPIDTOOL CRB-25 Industrial Rebar Bender is a powerful machine that has what it takes for your rebar bending operations. It offers an expansive bending capacity ranging from 6-25mm rebar and a bending angle ranging from 0-180°.

This industrial rebar bender has a fast-bending speed of approx. 2.5 seconds (90°) and is one of the most versatile products of its kind.
Considering the heavy-duty operations that will be expected from this rebar bender, it has been designed to be hard wearing and reliable and runs on a powerful 1050W motor to perform efficient, accurate bends.

This is a machine that can fit into just about any rebar bending tasks that you may require it to perform and will deliver predictable performances even in the toughest of working conditions. Comes with standard bend module as well as additional fixed bending pins with diameters of 80mm/105mm.

If you are big on worker safety and workplace efficiency, this is the tool you should place your trust on. The RAPIDTOOL brand is known for their superior quality and reliable performance.



Here at RAPIDTOOL, we understand that rebar bending is a very demanding task. You need the highest quality rebar benders to perform the job to a professional standard and save contractors from unnecessary injuries.

RAPIDTOOL stock a variety of high quality rebar benders that will provide years of outstanding performance. Our range includes portable electric hydraulic rebar benders and industrial electric rebar bending machines.

A Rebar Bender Gets the Job Done Smarter, Faster and Safer.


Why do you need the RAPIDTOOL CRB-25 Industrial 6-25mm Rebar Bender?

Rebar or reinforced steel bars play a crucial role in getting a structure erected. It acts as the bones and skeleton of the structure, giving it a definite shape that can stand against the elements and bring stability to the building. It is quite common for construction projects to require angled rebar for use in different applications. These bars however, are available as long, straight metal rods in the market and so, they need to be correctly cut, shaped and bent to fit in accordance with the structure’s requirements – a task that can prove to be an extremely harrowing task. When rebar is bent or cut improperly, the outcome of the project as well as the safety of the construction professionals on the site is put at stake. To prevent such issues and resource wastage while maintaining the viability of the structure being erected electronic bar benders and cutters are a more preferred option as compared to manual processes. These machines can bring an additional level of efficiency to the task while reducing the workload of your employees by a considerable amount. And if you are looking for a portable rebar bender that can truly perform, even in the gruelling work conditions on your project site, trust Team RAPIDTOOL to help you find the right solutions. We are the most trusted supplier of industrial grade rebar benders and cutters in Australia and are here with a product that will resolve both your requirements related to rebar handling with ease. Presenting the CRB-25 Reo bender– a powerful machine that has what it takes to be a part of your construction site.


CRB-25 Industrial 6-25mm Rebar Bender – Key Specifications

RAPIDTOOL is dedicated towards one and only one objective – making sure that the construction industry in Australia has an easy access to the best quality tools and equipment that can help resolve everyday on-site challenges with technological interventions. Our team tries out all kinds of rebar benders available in the market on ground and subjects each product to an array of stringent quality checks and performance evaluations. And the result of this rigorous testing has unearthed this amazing product – the CRB-25 Reo Bender that packs a mean punch of features and functionality, making it one of the most preferred options in the industry. Here is a list of the key specs and distinct features of this rebar bender:

  • The CRB-25 runs on a powerful Single Phase – 220-240V AC – 50Hz Electric Motor that is reliable, energy efficient and capable of delivering predictable performance every time you switch the product on.
  • The machine requires a total Power Input 1050W to bend rebar in any angle that you may desire.
  • With a total weight of 91kg, the CRB 25 rebar bender is relatively easy to handle and maneuverer on construction sites, thereby making rebar bending an easier task to manage for your workers.
  • The machine has been designed to accurately bend rebar ranging from 6mm to 25mm (Rm = 650MPa) thickness. In short, this bar bender is capable enough of handling most rebar tasks on your construction site.
  • Using advanced systems and a mighty motor to power the machine, this bar bender is able to generate a bending angle range of 0-180° with unbelievable accuracy. No more having to worry about wrongly executed rebar bends as long as you have the CRB 25 on your work site!
  • The machine has a bending pin with a diameter of 80mm/105mm and measures a total of 45cm x 50cm x 44cm in size. When it comes to ease of handling, the CRB 25 is truly one of the most portable industrial rebar benders in its class.


CRB-25 Industrial 6-25mm Rebar Bender – Functional Benefits

RAPIDTOOL is genuinely proud to be a partner in your construction projects. We have taken it upon ourselves to find the very best of tools and machinery to help make your operations more streamlined and efficient. And we are happy to report that the CRB-25 rebar bender is genuinely worthy of your attention. Here is a list of the many functional advantages that you can enjoy by choosing to invest in this machine for your construction site:

  • The CRB-25 is a product that has been designed and developed by RAPIDTOOL, a brand that is known for its incessant focus towards creating a high performance and a high-quality construction tools.
  • The machine is quite versatile as well, offering capabilities of bending rebar falling within a thickness range of 6-25mm! It can give effect to bar bends ranging from 0-180° in angle – quite suitable for most rebar requirements of an average construction site.
  • This electric rebar bender has been created with portability in mind. The machine is relatively small in size and can conveniently fit in just about any workspace for rebar bending, making the life of your workmen so much easier.
  • This electric rebar bender will bring high performance, increased efficiency and enhanced precision to your operations while ensuring minimum wastage of time, efforts and material that is usually part and parcel with manual rebar bending.
  • High end design, top notch features and a convenient to use package that has been extensively tested by RAPIDTOOL in some of the most gruelling work conditions – now that is a deal that you should grab with both hands!


CRB-25 Industrial 6-25mm Rebar Bender – The RAPIDTOOL Advantage

We at RAPIDTOOL understand just how tough rebar related operations can be. The simple cutting and bending tasks demand a lot of time and effort from workmen, who often sustain immense strain on their muscles and bones while trying to get these steel bars into the right shape. This adverse effect on worker’s health is usually a major cost for project managers to bear, be it in the form of loss of productivity due to accidents and illnesses or worker unrest due to tough work. The CRB-25 rebar bender is here to resolve all these issues once and for all. Our team understands what you and your handymen desire from rebar cutters, bending machine and we have ground tested a vast array of products available in the market before choosing the CRB-25 as our recommendation. This machine truly deserves to be a part of your construction equipment arsenal and can create a world of a difference in the way your onsite operations are carried out. Ours is a company that has been founded by actual construction engineers who have seen it all and done it all. We know the ground reality of the construction industry and can understand the many challenges that workmen, engineers and construction site managers face on a daily basis. So, we know just what is expected from a machine like a rebar bender and hence, we can safely say that the CRB-25 checks out on every parameter!

So, what are you waiting for? Get the CRB 25 electric rebar bender for your construction project today. Be sure to get in touch with the RAPIDTOOL team for detailed quotes and purchase assistance.

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