Is It Practical to Have a Rebar Tie Gun?

Rebar tying can be very demanding when done manually. It even puts you at risk of developing repetitive strain injuries. Moreover, it can be a back-breaking activity when it requires you to be in awkward positions. That’s why manual rebar tying is considered an inefficient and outdated health hazard. A rebar tie gun will eliminate these problems and improve the health and safety and efficiency of your operations.

How harmful is manual rebar tying?

Organisations such as the Construction Safety Association of Ontario and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) have conducted studies on the occupational risks of health workers who manually tie rebar. They found that twisting with pliers involved harmful wrist and hand motions that can increase the chances of developing carpal tunnel syndrome and other serious injuries. Unsupported stooping also increases the risk of back injury and pain.

However, they found that using powered tying tools, such as the rebar tie gun, can reduce harmful wrist and hand movements. Moreover, they discovered that tying rebar at ground level with an extension handle and a powered rebar tying tool can provide more protection against back injuries and pain.

Simplifying the task

Tying rebar involves heavy materials, repetitive hand twisting motions, and working in awkward positions which can lead to wear and tear on your body. A high-quality rebar tie gun can accomplish the task in less than a second without effort. Just pull the trigger to tie the rebar automatically. Some tools can do more than 5,000 ties with two wraps per battery charge. That means they will go a long way on the construction site, maximising efficiency and productivity and reducing any downtime.

A great investment

To answer your question, yes, the rebar tie gun is an essential and practical tool to have on any construction site where steel reinforcement bars are involved. Just be sure to buy a rebar tying tool from a reputable supplier that has tested their tools in gruelling work conditions to ensure the most robust and reliable products.

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