What Are the Advantages of a Rebar Tie Gun?

Regardless of your project, as long as you’re working with steel reinforcing bars you’ll need the right tools that will help you do your job efficiently, safely and smoothly, with no room for errors. One of the tools you should have on your worksite is the rebar tie gun. Also known as a ‘rebar tying machine’ or ‘rebar tier,’ it automatically ties the steel bars correctly and securely to reduce your time spent on the task. Beyond that, the tool offers more advantages with regards to productivity, safety and your reputation as a builder or construction worker. Keep reading to know more about some of the benefits.

Increased productivity 

Tying steel bars is time-consuming when done manually. An automatic rebar tie gun allows you to do it at lightning-quick speeds of 0.6 – 0.8 seconds depending on the model you are using. High-quality rebar tiers are powered by long-lasting lithium-ion batteries, so they shouldn’t require recharging until the end of the work day. Some rebar tiers can perform more than 5,000 ties (two wraps) per charge.

Increased safety at work 

When you tie steel bars, your hands, fingers and wrists perform repetitive movements, which could eventually cause strain and trauma to the muscles and joints. In some situations, you may be required to crouch, bend or reach awkwardly just to tie the steel bars. Because of that, manual rebar tying is considered a health hazard.

Using a rebar tie gun can protect you and your workers from developing unnecessary repetitive strain injuries down the line. Simply pull the trigger and it will automatically tie the steel bars for you. You can even get an electronic extension arm, which prevents you from over-reaching or positioning yourself in awkward positions just to get the job done.

Complete construction projects on time 

The rebar tie gun is one of those necessary tools that can reduce downtime and prevent injuries, so it helps you to complete projects on time. It also helps create a safer workplace and promotes health and safety on the job site.

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