Before the rebar tie gun was invented, workers had to manually tie steel reinforcing bars, a repetitive task that can cause long-term injuries down the line. By investing in modern equipment, you could save a lot of time and money, protect your workers and enhance their safety, and improve productivity in the construction site. Get to know rebar tie guns and understand how it can be a convenient tool for your projects:

  • How it helps – Reinforcing steel (rebar) is the mesh of steel wires to reinforce masonry and concrete. Rebars that are formed into a matrix or grid must be tied together at crucial connecting points to strengthen the concrete structure. In construction, rebar work is called ‘rod busting’, and ‘rod workers’ pertain to the people who do it. These workers require a rebar tie gun to minimise the strain of the task on their hands and arms, as well as to increase their safety while doing their job.
  • It is a versatile tool – The rebar tie gun is battery operated and automates the tying process. Likewise, it ensures that the grid of mesh around reinforced structures is firm and stable.

  • Easy to use – The device is placed at the intersection of the reinforcing steel bars. It automatically feeds the necessary wire around the rods when you pull the trigger. Leave the twisting and cutting to the rebar tie gun, so you do not have to do anything. The entire process occurs quickly, while guaranteeing a firm wrap around steel reinforcing rods.

  • Great features for your convenience – Some rebar tie guns can accomplish the tying in one second. They come with LI-ION batteries that can last over 2200 ties for every charge. A brushless motor helps prolong the tool’s life. Tension is adjustable, and you can use it on bars that are 30 to 60mm in diameter.

You can buy it online – Get a high-quality automated rebar tying device from a reputable manufacturer and retailer. This way, you are guaranteed a high-quality product that will last a long time and perform at its best.

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