Rebar Tying Tool Can Save Contractors from Repetitive Strain Injuries

The construction site is one of the riskiest places to be. Every day, contractors are exposed to a lot of dangers and at risk of accidents. Certain tasks will also make them prone to developing repetitive strain injuries, which could be challenging to recover from in the long run. Since prevention is essentially better than the cure, equipping contractors with the right tools could help increase their safety in the workplace and prevent costly health problems down the line. One of the tools to invest in is the rebar tying tool, which eliminates the need to tie reinforcing steel bars manually.

Manual tying of rebar can result in injuries to the hands, fingers, and wrists. It can also cause chronic pain on the arms, back, neck, and legs, as contractors may position themselves awkwardly to tie steel bars together efficiently. Over time, severe musculoskeletal damage could occur. The rebar tying tool can minimise the likelihood of those injuries. This could mean more savings when you can keep contractors healthy while completing your project.

Organisations such as the Construction Safety Association of Ontario and the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health have studied the occupational risks associated with manual rebar tying. Knowing and understanding the risks of manual labour can make you do your part in improving the health and well-being of your contractors in construction sites.

A rebar tying tool provides superior performance as it ties steel in one second. Some models can also tie steel bars in less than a second. It runs on a robust lithium-ion battery, which should be able to perform more than 4,000 ties per charge. The rebar tier is ergonomically designed and built with lightweight materials to prevent further strain to the hands, arms, and wrists during use. Some tools can also be attached to an electronic extension arm, so contractors won’t have to bend or position themselves awkwardly to get the job done.

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