Rebar Tying Tool Helps Prevent Injury to Workers on Construction Site

To tie rebar typically means positioning yourself awkwardly and doing the same twisting motions repeatedly as you handle heavy materials. Over time, the task could cause wear and tear on your fingers, hands, arms and the rest of your body. You can greatly reduce that risk by investing in a high-quality rebar tying tool. This will eliminate manual labour and help you and your workers accomplish the task quickly, accurately and safely.

Backed by experts

The National Institute for Occupational Safe and Health (NIOSH) compared the hazards of using a powered tying tool against manual rebar tying. The results revealed that harmful wrist and hand motions are involved when twisting with pliers.  Therefore, there is an increased risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome and other serious injuries. Moreover, stooping while unsupported and twisting with pliers using both hands at ground level puts the worker at risk of back injuries and pain.

However, NIOSH found that the rebar tying tool can be helpful in reducing harmful wrist and hand movements and attaching an extension handle to the tool could protect against back pain and injury. The results also showed that the tool accomplishes rebar tying faster than manually twisting wire.

Tools to help you work efficiently and safely

You can find a range of high-quality rebar tying tools from reputable manufacturers, which designed these products to make the job much faster and to save workers from developing repetitive strain injuries. The rebar tying tool can save businesses and contractors time and money when workers are able to do their job more safely and efficiently. Some automatic tiers can tie steel bars in lightning quick speed of 0.6 seconds and are capable of performing more than 5,000 ties per charge. You can also find heavy-duty rebar tying tools that can take on more challenging operations and accomplish a tie in 0.8 seconds.

To prevent bending in awkward positions, consider investing in an electronic extension arm for the rebar tying tool. Simply pull the trigger and this ergonomic solution will tie steel bars in under a second without you even needing to bend over!

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