Cutting Mastery: Achieve Precision with a Hydraulic Rebar Cutter

Rebar strengthens buildings, but it's also useful for smaller projects. No matter your project, cutting rebar to size requires the right tools. That's where our hydraulic rebar cutter comes in.

Effortless rebar cutting

Here at RAPIDTOOL Australia, we carry the best selection of state-of-the-art rebar cutters to simplify the job of cutting steel bars to appropriate lengths. Our tools eliminate the grunt work and extensive efforts that go into manually cutting steel rods.

One of our popular options is the cutter-bender machine, which saves you time when switching between two different tools. We also have lightweight, portable cutters that are easy to manoeuvre and carry anywhere. More importantly, they are practical for construction sites and workshops that lack space.

Precise cuts every time

We’re confident that you’ll never use a manual steel cutter, steel saw, or blow torch ever again once you realise how effortless it is to cut rebar with our hydraulic cutters. Each hydraulic rebar cutter we carry is meticulously tested to prove its safety and performance. Moreover, our products are proven to last and function without fail, even in the toughest construction sites.

RAPIDTOOL electric rebar cutters come in different configurations to accommodate various steel rods, such as 4-16 mm, 4-25mm, 6-32mm, and 4-20mm. We also carry heavy-duty industrial 4-25mm and 6-42mm rebar cutters with a built-in bender. No matter what you choose, we guarantee our products can cut steel rods in under 3 seconds. This speed allows you to accomplish more work and finish your projects on time.

Discover the difference

Do you want to save time and effort when working on steel bars? Get a hydraulic rebar cutter from us and discover how it can benefit your projects. Connect with us here or call 1800 955 755 for a quote.

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