Cutting Through Limits: Our Bar Cutter Gets the Job Done!

Reinforcing steel bars are thick and tough, making them difficult and time-consuming to cut using traditional metal saws or blow torches. You need specialised tools that will speed up the process and make it safer and more accurate. Enter the bar cutter, a state-of-the-art tool that we offer here at RAPIDTOOL Australia.

Our rebar cutters can cut through the toughest and thickest steel bars in less than 3 seconds, making them handy tools to have on your construction site. We also offer tools with a built-in bar bender, which is popular with builders and contractors who want a tool that eliminates the need to switch between separate implements. Now, you can swiftly cut and bend rebar to your exact specifications — all in one go.

Built for your construction site

At RAPIDTOOL Australia, we have a carefully curated selection of rebar cutters that are lightweight, easy to transport, and simple to manoeuvre on any job site. Our portable units are ideal for construction sites with limited space or access. Despite their low weight and compact form, they are guaranteed safe to use and can perform in the toughest site conditions.

Our ERC-16 is a portable bar cutter that can cut through a solid 4-16mm steel bar in under 2.5 seconds. But that's not all. We also have other models for different bar sizes like 4-20mm, 4-25mm, and 6-32mm, ensuring you will find the perfect tool to suit your needs and improve your productivity and safety. With our bar cutters, you can adapt to any construction project with ease.

Additionally, we carry industrial rebar cutter and bender machines that can handle 4-25mm or 6-32mm steel bars. These are powerful machines that boast superior performance and power thanks to their robust 220-240V AC -50HZ single-phase electric motor. These machines come with powerful hydraulics for accurate and efficient cuts and bends. Plus, they have foot pedals and fixed bending pin diameters to reduce your effort and ensure precise and high-quality cuts.

Buy bar cutters today

Call 1800 955 755 or +61 2 9098 8943 for a quote on our bar cutter products, or email You can also request a demo of our products from our friendly sales crew to see how our rebar cutters can boost your productivity and safety on construction sites.

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