Bend it Like a Pro: The Art and Science Behind the Bar Bender

Bending reinforcing steel bars using manual and outdated tools can be quite labour-intensive. At RAPIDTOOL, we offer modern, high-tech solutions like our electric hydraulic bar bender to simplify and enhance the safety of this task. With this tool, you can quickly and effortlessly bend steel bars and complete tasks anywhere on your job site.

Portability is one of the benefits of using our rebar bender. You can use it even in limited-access areas. Moreover, we have lightweight handheld models that are easy to transport and use anytime. By incorporating our advanced tools into your workflow, you can finish construction projects more quickly and cost-effectively.

A dependable construction tool

Our ERB-16 Rebar Bender is an electric bar bender with a powerful industrial-strength machine head that can bend 4-16mm steel bars to 90 degrees in less than 5 seconds. Its single-phase 240V – 1200W motor and hydraulic pump can go all the way to 130 degrees, ensuring clean and accurate bends every time. This handheld tool is easy to manoeuvre and take anywhere, allowing you to complete your tasks quickly.

If you prefer an industrial rebar bender, we carry models like the CRB-25 and CRB-32. These units are mean machines with industrial-strength ending capacities from zero to 180 degrees. CRB-25 can bend 6-25mm steel bars with powerful hydraulics and a 220-240V AC 50Hz electric motor with up to 1050W of power. On the other hand, the CRB-32 Industrial Rebar Bender offers 2400W of power to process 6-32mm steel bars effortlessly.

Do more with one tool.

At RAPIDTOOL, we also carry all-in-one units with a bar bender and cutter to save you time when switching between two tools. These industrial machines are compact and easy to use, whether bending or cutting steel bars, with foot pedals for effortless operation.

Are you ready to bend steel bars like a pro? Shop the best rebar bender today, and get in touch with us for a quote today.

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