Reinforced for Success: Dominate with Our Reo Bar Bender!

Bending reinforcing steel bars with old-school tools might be cheap, but this could cost you more down the line. Using them takes time and is laborious, impacting your productivity and ability to finish projects on time. Plus, they don’t always ensure precise results, resulting in unnecessary rework and material wastage. Luckily, you have come to the right place for better, state-of-the-art rebar tools. Here at RAPIDTOOL Australia, we can make your construction life easier with our reo bar bender.

A must for your project

Reinforcing steel bars are essential materials in any concrete project, making our reo benders a must-have for your business. Contractors and builders can save time, increase productivity, and improve the safety of construction sites with our portable and industrial bar bending tools and equipment that guarantee accuracy and simplify operations.

At RAPIDTOOL Australia, we understand the importance of technology for executing the most tedious construction jobs, like rebar bending. Therefore, we carefully selected our range of reo benders to ensure you have the right equipment that meets your needs.

Simplify your life with portable rebar benders

One of our best-sellers is the portable reo bar bender, which offers a killer combination of portability and performance. ERB-16 electric rebar bender can effortlessly bend 4-16mm steel bars in under 5 seconds. Its compact design makes it easy to use and manoeuvre in areas that lack space. Despite its size, it’s a powerful tool with a reliable 220-240V -1200W motor that drives the high-precision hydraulic pump to bend rebar from 0 to 130 degrees.

Get more power from our industrial rebar benders

We also carry different industrial reo bar benders that effortlessly process 6-32mm and 6-25mm steel bars. Most bending operations also involve cutting rebar to appropriate lengths, which is why we offer two-in-one machines with a reo bender and cutter. These industrial machines can save time and effort when working with 4-25mm or 6-32mm steel bars. Their powerful 220-240V AC -50Hz single-phase electric motor ensures they get the job done in just a few seconds.

Discover these benefits

Do you want to try our reo bar bender? Get in touch with us today for more info or for your nearest dealer. We can also provide a custom quote to help you compare our rebar benders. Call +61 2 9098 8943 or 1800- 955 755 or email

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