Revolutionise Construction: The Rebar Tie Gun’s Role in Building

Are you still manually tying rebar with pliers? Doing this involves repetitive movements, fast arm and hand gestures, and a strong grip, increasing your risk of repetitive strain injuries in the hands and wrists. And if you’re constantly working at ground level, you may even injure your back from prolonged bending and stooping. Using a rebar tie gun is an effective way to prevent these injuries and associated health issues.

Rebar tying tools remove the physical strain of this demanding manual task. By using the right tool, you and your team can prevent musculoskeletal injuries, which are not only painful but costly to treat and manage.

Revolutionising construction

Manual rebar tying is an outdated and inefficient method that poses significant health risks. Modern construction projects now use rebar tie guns to reduce manual labour and the costs associated with treating injuries and managing chronic pain.

More than just enhancing safety, a rebar tie gun speeds up your work. Modern rebar tiers automatically tie steel bars in under a second and can handle even the toughest tying jobs.

Reliable performance

Rebar tie guns tie rebar with precision, thanks to their slim arms that ensure tight, low-profile ties. You can adjust the tension easily with digital controls and keep track of performance with advanced sensor detection. The dual brushless twisting and feeding motor in these tools make rebar tying effortless and exceptionally durable.

Increase productivity

Boost your productivity and finish projects faster with a portable rebar tie gun powered by an 18V x 4.0Ah lithium-ion battery. Capable of over 5,000 ties per charge, these guns make you five times more productive.

Invest in a high-quality rebar-tying tool.

Get your rebar tie gun from RAPIDTOOL and see the difference it makes in your projects. We also offer an electronic extension arm for our rebar tiers, which lets you tie steel bars without bending or overreaching.

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