Types of Rebar Cutting Machines and Their Uses

Investing in a rebar cutter will change how you work with reinforcing steel bars. As you browse the options, you may come across rebar cutting machines and those with built-in benders. Getting an electric or hydraulic rebar cutter will let you process steel bars more efficiently and quickly with precision, saving you time and avoiding injuries. Here are the types of cutting machines and their uses.

Portable rebar cutters

Some construction sites lack space for large and traditional tools. If you have the same issue, check out portable rebar cutters that are compact and lightweight. They come in different configurations to suit most sizes of steel bars, such as 4-16mm, 4-20mm, 4-25mm and 6-32mm.

Despite their size, they have a powerful single-phase 240V – 1550W motor to drive a high-precision hydraulic pump and an industrial-strength machine head to deliver clean cuts in a few seconds. When paired with the right rebar bender, these machinesallow you to take on the most demanding rebar cutting and bending tasks easily to boost your productivity while minimising injuries in the workplace.

Industrial rebar cutters

Industrial cutting machines are tough and powerful equipment that lets you work on 4-25mm or 6-32mm steel bars effortlessly and quickly. Some have a built-in bender to save you time when switching between different tools. The industrial strength head and motor can pack a powerful punch, allowing the rebar cutter and bender to process solid rebar in seconds.


Rebar cutting and bending machines are portable, compact and ergonomic, making them easier and safer to use anywhere. Construction companies and professional builders invest in a rebar cutter and a rebar benderto increase their productivity and output. These products also reduce a worker’s risk of developing chronic musculoskeletal injuries down the line, saving contractors money and ensuring safety in the workplace.

You can purchase a rebar bender or cutting machine from a reputable retailer in Australia. Choose a source with a proven record of providing high-quality products that make construction sites safer and more productive.

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