Know How You Can Maximise Productivity with a Rebar Cutter

Steel reinforcing requires meticulous processing to meet project specifications. However, manually cutting, tying, and bending them can be time-consuming and pose a threat to overall safety, putting workers at risk of accidents and developing repetitive strain injuries. To avoid this, construction companies and builders invest in modern tools, such as hydraulic reo cutters.

Hydraulic rebar cutters are some of the most innovative tools that can help maximise your productivity and minimise material waste. With their help, you can easily cut through standard-sized steel bars at lightning-quick speeds of less than 2 to 3 seconds, allowing you to accomplish more and speed up the completion of your project while saving money by avoiding unnecessary injuries.

What’s in the machine?

Are you wondering how a hydraulic rebar cutter does the job quickly and seamlessly? It’s all in the design. High-end models have an industrial-strength machine head that can cut up to 16mm, 20mm, 25mm or 32mm, and their high-precision hydraulic pump is powered by a single-phase 240V – 1550W motor. These tools feature powerful hydraulics for an efficient, accurate, and clean cut every time without causing sparks.

Ensure proper usage

Once you get your new hydraulic rebar cutter, take the time to read the manual to know how to operate it properly. It also helps to know rebar cutting safety rules, proper rebar control, and personal safety standards for a safer workplace.

Take some time to check

Hydraulic rebar cutters are meant to be durable and withstand the toughest conditions in construction sites. In order to maximise their function and prolong their lifespan, make it a point to check before and after use and ensure they are properly maintained to prevent issues that could cause downtime and accidents.

Boost your safety and productivity now

RAPIDTOOL offers top-of-the-line tools to keep you productive and safe at work. Talk to our sales team to know more about our hydraulic rebar cutters.

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