Superior Quality Rebar Tier Saves Time, Money, and Manual Effort

Tying steel reinforcement bars or rods can be back-breaking work, but it is necessary in construction. One of its adverse effects is putting you at risk of developing repetitive strain injuries on the hands and arms down the line, and this can get in the way of your work. However, using a rebar tier can save you from all the costly medical bills associated with the risks of manually tying steel bars. It may increase safety in the construction site, too, while ensuring that rebar tying can be accomplished quickly and effortlessly.

Discerning construction workers dealing with building roads, bridges, and bridges understand how the rebar tier can improve their productivity. So, construction companies invest in high-quality rebar tying machines for use in many of their projects. The equipment can reduce hazards in the construction site, such as forearm strain, which could result in sick days and distractions while working because of the pain and limited mobility that it can cause. It can also minimise everyone’s risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome and chronic low back pain.

A high-quality rebar tier has a lightweight and ergonomic design that makes it easy to grip and use with a single hand. This way, the other hand can be free to hold the steel bars in place. The device ensures superior performance with reliable lithium-ion batteries that allow you to perform more than 2,200 ties per charge, and a brushless motor that helps prolong the life of the machine. The tension of the rebar tie is adjustable, and it can tie bars from 30 to 60mm in overall diameter.

Using a rebar tier could increase production by more than five times, while reducing the impact on your body. Just be sure to purchase this product from a reputable manufacturer that offers outstanding warranties and dependable support and service on their rebar tiers. They also carry wire coils, so you do not have to look further for them. Likewise, you get an electronic extension arm from the same source. It will prevent you from bending at awkward angles just to tie steel rods.

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