All About High-Performing and Safety-Tested Rebar Cutters

Cutting steel concrete reinforcing bars may seem like a straightforward task, but it can be exacting when done manually for extended periods of time. This is why the rebar cutter was invented. This tool makes this laborious job less time-consuming, lighter, and safer.

However, you must understand that cutting through the steel can still be difficult despite having a rebar cutter. That's why you have to find a high-quality tool for the job. The right tool will help ensure that your work will meet professional standards. So don’t just buy any rebar cutter without evaluating its features and performance. Here are some factors to look at:

Electric motor specifications

You need a reliable rebar cutter that promises quick and efficient operation. To know if you are choosing a powerful tool for the job, look at the electric motor specifications. Experts suggest picking a unit with a single-phase electric motor (220-240v) because it provides enough power for speedy and productive operations.

Ability to cut rebars of different sizes

Steel rebars come in different diameters. You want to have a rebar cutting tool that is strong and versatile enough to cut through the thinnest and thickest reinforcing bars.

Maintenance kit and safety guard

The right rebar cutter will not only make the task easier and faster but also safer. The best models come with a safety bar. They also come with maintenance kits so that they can stay in good condition even when not used for long periods.

Consider the rebar cutter-bender machine

Cutting and bending steel is essential in construction. To save time, you can choose a rebar cutter-bender machine that allows you to switch from cutting steel to bending it in no time. These machines do cost more money compared to a regular cutter, but they are much more versatile.

Brand reputation

How can you make sure that all claims made by the brand are true? One way to do this is to check the brand's reputation. If they have been in business for quite a long time and have been highly recommended by construction companies, then their products must be reliable, too.

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