Rebar Cutters Used in Construction

Reinforcing steel bars must be customised precisely to the requirements of a project to ensure a durable and stable structure. Cutting is one of the essential actions that should be done to make sure that the materials have an accurate length. For this purpose, there are different types of rebar cutters available. However, not every rebar cutter is designed to ensure a precise, quick and safe way to cut steel bars into exact lengths. If you’re looking for a reliable cutter for construction projects, it helps to familiarise yourself with the options to identify the best tool:

  1. Manual rebar cutters

The more traditional rebar cutter requires manual operation. It’s a handheld tool that can cut steel bars of up to a certain diameter. Because of how it’s used, it may not give the most precise results and that could mean wasting some materials in the process. It can be hazardous to use too, as manual cutters produce flames or sparks while cutting steel.

  1. Electric rebar cutters

An electric rebar cutter is among the most widely used in modern construction industries. It features superior hydraulics to boost safety and efficiency while in use. The best electric rebar cutters can cut in lightning speed of 2-3 seconds. They’re lightweight and highly portable for more versatility.

  1. Two-in-one rebar cutter

This rebar cutter usually comes with a bender that can handle 4-25mm or 6-32mm steel bars. It’s a versatile tool with a powerful electric motor to handle the toughest rebar cutting and bending jobs.

Rebar cutting is a highly demanding task, so you should have the best tools that will ensure a seamless and safe operation.

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