Why You Need a Cordless Rebar Cutter

In the old days, cordless power tools were just too heavy and could only be used for short periods of time. However, advances in battery technology have given tools like the cordless rebar cutting machine the power to cut with as much efficiency as its electrically powered counterparts. A single charge is enough to complete up 100 cuts on 12mm rebar before being recharged again. It can cut 4-16mm rebar in as fast as 5 seconds with ease. 

textRTA person no longer needs to hunt around for electrical outlets, trip on electrical wires, or have to be restricted to a certain area just to do the job. The cordless rebar cutting machine offers convenience and power that is small enough to carry around anywhere, but is powerful enough to pull off the most grueling of tasks.

This electric tool is powered by a lithium-ion battery which offers the best energy-to-weight ratio and has a slower charging loss when not in use as compared to its NiCad counterparts. A typical Li-Ion battery, when not in use, self-discharges at a rate of 1.25% to 5% per month which is significantly lower than the 10% to 30% self-discharge of a NiCad power tool. Therefore, a worker has more power for the longer periods of time. This means that contractors can get more jobs done with fewer charge times. This leads to improved productivity which benefits both the customer and the worker.

Another advantage of a Li-Ion-powered cordless version vs its NiCad powered counterparts is that Li-Ion power tools do not experience a dip in performance near the end of its battery discharge cycle. This tool offers the same consistent level of performance whether it has been recently charged or is nearing its discharge cycle.

In terms of safety, battery powered rebar cutting machines have the huge advantage of being cordless. Because not all jobs can be done near a wall socket, using power tools with cords could mean having to use extension cables. Having those wires trailing all over the workplace is a hazard to everyone, especially in high traffic areas. Workmen often lose time putting up warning signs and safety covers in walkways--time that could have been spent working on the project.

Another safety concern is accidentally cutting a cord while working on a job; or a worker having to maneuver with a cord always in the way.
Cordless rebar cutters offer a very unique advantage of being portable and can be carried anywhere. It is very ideal in areas or sites where access to electricity is restricted or limited. And because it is cordless, a worker can access areas that would have been impossible or very difficult for corded tools to work on.

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