What Do You Mean by Hydraulic Rebar Cutter?

Cutting of rebars can be one of the most painstaking jobs, demanding great physical endurance and involving a great deal of time. Large projects where rebars need to be cut to a particular size to fit in the grids, can sometimes take far too much of time. Self-contained hydraulic rebar cutters offer great convenience to contractors while speeding up the process of putting together the grids. Explained below are the workings of a hydraulic rebar cutter and its uses in construction.

Portable units for cutting rebars upto 32 mms dia

The portable models of hydraulic/electric rebar cutters can cut upto 32 mms dia of rebars with great ease and speed. The high speed cutting blades move at speeds which makes light of the cutting tasks. The blades cut through many other materials used in construction with similar ease. It also finds widespread use in rescue operations after natural calamities. At times steel and iron rods require to be cut to get through to trapped individuals, and hydraulic rebar cutters are a good choice for safely cutting through bars.

Rugged units for reliable deployment in sites

When equipment are deployed in construction sites to do the work of construction staff, it needs to be reliable. The equipment needs to be rugged, offering clean and smooth operations in a repetitive manner. The high speed of the cutters and the strong construction make it ideal to perform the toughest tasks and help in executing projects more efficiently and at greater speed. Designed to cut through 32 mm of rebars in three seconds flat, the hydraulic cutters help in easy execution of tasks.

Designed to cut across both vertical and horizontal alignments

One of the greatest advantages of hydraulic rebar cutters are the ability to cut through material across all alignments. The portable and lightweight rebar cutters can be held to position to cut through both horizontal and vertical positions easily. This makes it easy for executing tasks, which would have otherwise taken up a lot of resources and time to cut through material of different orientation.  The effortless operations actually do injustice to the tremendous strength of rebars, cutting through them at high speed.

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