Rebar Cutters: The Change Construction Needs

With rampant technological growth, the construction industry finds itself continuously changing and adapting to make work easier and more efficient. The construction industry in particular has reaped many rewards in terms of advancements that do not only increase productivity but lower job related injury.

One of the more prominent changes in practice and method is how rebar is handled. Reinforcing bars, or rebar for short, are an essential component to any building and without them construction on any site is simply not possible. When erecting any structure, concrete work is always necessary, however concrete cannot stand by itself without support to keep it in place. Hence the need for rebar – thick durable metal rods that act as a skeleton for its concrete casing, keeping it stable and in the position intended by the architect. 

Handling and preparing rebar for construction however is a very laborious, tedious, and dangerous practice. The most hap hazard aspect of handling rebars is cutting them to desired lengths to fit the contour of the architect’s plans. Manually cutting rebar involves having to be bent forward for prolonged periods of time while using a handsaw to cut thousands of rebar one by one. The other more dangerous method involves cutting the rebar by hand, using one's strength to try and bend and snap the durable steel rods one piece at a time.

Needless to say this outdated practice that requires hours and repetition causes many injuries, mostly involving the lower back, arms, as well the forearms. The tremendous strain permanently damages the musculoskeletal functions, inhibiting construction workers from working effectively and comfortably.

rebar cutting with bolts

Thankfully, with new technology the introduction of the Rebar Cutter was possible. This simple innovation has completely changed the way rebar is handled in the work place for the better. As simple as it is effective, the rebar cutter is a handheld electric device that cuts rebar with ease, the amount of rebar it can cut in a minute is double that of the manual method. Aside from this, work places that employ the use of a rebar cutter have greatly reduced occurrences of injuries sustained while handling rebar.

They are very user friendly, simply place the machine mouth over which section of the rebar you want to cut and pull trigger, this advancement has saved constructions firms hundreds if not thousands. In this day and age once cannot afford to stick to outdated caveman methods, especially in such a competitive environment as construction.

It is time to switch up your rebar cutting methods for your business and your employees, It is time to start using rebar cutters.


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