Is an Electric Rebar Bender an Accurate and Reliable Tool?

Manually bending reinforcing bars is often a complicated task that can put your overall health at risk. The long and unyielding steel rods are traditionally bent using manual tools, which can be time-consuming while requiring you to perform repetitive actions. However, nowadays you have the option to use an electric rebar bender to improve your safety while bending reinforcing steel bars. Modern rebar benders are more reliable, energy efficient and capable of delivering predictable performance every time you switch on. They reduce your need to exert a lot of effort to correctly bend steel bars accurately.

The importance of a rebar bender

Rebar is used as the underlying support for a concrete foundation. It needs to be cut, bent and tied accurately to ensure a robust structure. An electric rebar bender will ensure accurate and reliable bending that can handle the most challenging rebar bending requirements.

Different options for every need

Electric rebar benders are available in different sizes to suit the specific size of the steel bars you’re using. For instance, there are benders with a 6-32mm bending capacity. Some can bend 6-25mm (650N/mm2) steel reinforcing bars from zero to 180-degree angles. Some rebar benders come with a built-in cutter. These are powerful and reliable machines that help you save time when switching between different tools.


One of the key advantages of using an electric rebar bender is its reduced footprint and size, which makes it portable, easier to set up, transport and store. Some models are compact and can be used in worksites that lack space. Despite their size, they come with hydraulic power that can bend steel bars in less than five seconds.

Improve safety in construction sites

Electric rebar benders reduce your need to exert a lot of effort and perform repetitive movements when bending reinforcement steel bars. They reduce your risk of developing musculoskeletal problems and other repetitive strain injuries down the line.

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