How Using a Bar Bender Improves the Accuracy of Bending Angles

In modern construction projects, it’s necessary to utilize rebar— solid steel rods that require bending, cutting, and customised into a specific shape to create a solid wireframe for the structure. Much like how the skeletal system provides support for the body, these steel bars play a vital role in upholding the integrity and durability of the structure, rendering them essential to the field of construction engineering.

For many years, rebar was manually bent using traditional tools and human physical strength. Now, we have a more compact bar bender that improves efficiency, accuracy, and safety when bending steel reinforcing bars.

An innovative solution for your construction site

Bar benders represent a technological innovation that aims to execute the job quickly and safely without damaging the material. Today, you’ll find a wide range of rebar bending tools for sale online, and these products offer a killer combination of portability and performance. Some even have a built-in rebar cutter, so you do not have to purchase a separate cutting machine if you want to save time and money.

Better than manually bending steel bars

A bar bender removes the guesswork in ensuring the accuracy of bending angles. Simply set the machine to your desired bending angle, and it does the work for you. You do not have to exert any back-breaking effort that can increase your risk of injury and developing musculoskeletal problems. It does the job accurately and quickly without potentially damaging the steel bar, eliminating the need for rework.

Bend rebar accurately

A high-quality bar bender is powered by a 220-240V AC 50HZ electric motor with a power input of 1050W, making it capable of bending steel bars in a few seconds. With powerful hydraulics, the machine can bend a bar to a 90-degree angle in just 2.5 seconds with a controlled and accurate process.

Rebar benders come in different sizes to suit specific sizes of steel bars, from 6-25mm to 6-32mm. They come with foot pedals and extra fixed bending pin diameters to support 80mm or 105mm. Industrial rebar benders with a built-in cutter are designed for 4-25mm and 6-32mm steel bars.

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