Features of Reo Bender by RAPIDTOOL

Is rebar bending too time-consuming and constantly straining your arms and hands? Then it’s time to switch to a RAPIDTOOL reo bender, an innovative portable tool that will speed up the process of bending steel bars into any angle to suit your project’s unique specifications. That’s because it’s designed and engineered with high-performing and versatile functions that will allow you to use it more effectively and conveniently on any project.

Reo benders are also known as rebar bending machines. They reduce your risk of developing musculoskeletal injuries down the line as it allows you to bend steel reinforcement bars effortlessly. The convenience and efficiency of the RAPIDTOOL reo bender  is attributed to its features. Let’s get to know what they are:

Robust motor and dependable machine head

RAPIDTOOL rebar bending tools have a heavy-duty electric motor, superior quality hydraulics and an industrial-strength machine head that allows them to deliver clean and efficient bends every time.

Bend rebar in any angle

RAPIDTOOL reo benders come in different specifications and capabilities, therefore it’s essential to consider your requirements to ensure you’re buying the right product. For instance, an electric portable reo bender by RAPIDTOOL can bend steel bars in angles between 0‑130° with a standard head or 0‑90° with an additional bend module + die. Industrial rebar benders have bending capabilities from 0‑180°.

Speedy bending

Do you take several seconds or minutes to bend reinforcement steel bars? You can reduce your time spent bending them with RAPIDTOOL’s heavy-duty rebar bender. The RAPITOOL electric portable bender can bend steel bars in less than five seconds. This means an increase in efficiency and productivity for your construction projects!


The RAPIDTOOL reo bender  uses advanced systems. Combined with a mighty motor and superior quality hydraulics, it can accurately bend steel bar efficiently and cleanly to your desired angle. So, you can stop worrying about incorrect results or wastage.

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