Cutting steel and heavy metals in the construction industry is a tiresome and complicated work to do. With a rebar cutter, you can be sure to easily design, bend and cut metals in a way that they will meet your required standards. There are different types of Rebar Cutters and to get the best services you need to know which one is the best for your construction requirements. Below are some of the types you can buy.

Electric Rebar Cutters

These are the most common cutters known to be precise and efficient. They are made with an advanced hydraulic system to make sure you increase the safety of workers and efficiency in working. The machines come with 110-120V or 220-240V motors. They are durable, efficient and lightweight for easy movability on different parts of the construction industry.

Two in One

This is a more advanced cutter that is known to provide bending and cutting of more compact and robust metals at all times. With a single-phase 220-240V AC – 50Hz motor and 1050W power input, you can be sure to increase the quality of your services at all times. You can use the bender to bend metals of 6mm and a maximum bending thickness of 25mm. Two in one is quick and time-saving so you can be sure to cover the work of large construction sites within a short time.

The Battery Powered Rebar Cutters

These Rebar Cutters work exactly like the ones above but they can use batteries in the absence of electricity. If the battery is stronger, the machine will work efficiently but if not, it will not be able to perform the best cutting and bending work at all times. You can use a generator to power your bender or cutter.

There are even Dual power battery cutters in which you can use two sources of power to run the machine. Most of these machines are the heavy ones because they need extra energy to make sure their system runs perfectly and cuts all kinds of metals.

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