Tricks You Must Know When Using Rebar Cutter

Rebar cutting is a very tiring and a difficult task. You should have an utmost quality of rebar cutter for performing the job to a level which is skilled. This would also help contractors in saving the employees from unnecessary injuries. Rapid tool has a great quality of rebar cutters which have a long-lasting life and the work done by them is also outstanding. The range of rapid tools is inclusive of hydraulic rebar cutters, electric rebar cutting machines, and cordless rebar cutters.

Rebar cutting is an irksome job. It is all the more tiresome when done manually for a long period of time. The recurring disturbance of the manual rebar on the musculoskeletal system can cause fatal injuries in the near future. Using a rebar cutter for a laborious task would outshine the use of a blow torch or any manual steel cutters each time.

Rebar is a basic feature of all the structural projects. This makes a rebar cutter an essential tool to spend the money on. Rapid tool has electric and cordless rebar cutters and heavy industrial rebar cutters which can be sued by any trade person.

How to use a rebar cutter

Following are the steps for using a rebar cutter.

  • Proper control over rebar: while using your rebar cutter is it important for you to maintain all the precautions related to control and safety. Firmly position the cutter and maintain a balance. The electric cords should not be coiled to the edges or heat. Make sure to remove all the wrenches which are adjustable.


  • Safety rules: You should always remember to never cut an ungraded rebar and even never by locking it on the knob. The tool is warmed up with the help of this knob in the cold places. Locking it on the knob is dangerous and may also damage the cutter.
  • Personal safety: You should always wear safety goggles while cutting the rebar. The face should also be protected by the safety glasses which have side shields. If the employees are working near to the area where the rebar is being cut, then that area should be protected too. You should never hold a cutter with damp or wet hands in order to minimize the risk of an electric shock.

Using the rebar cutter is not a very easy task. All the precautions should be taken to avoid any kind of injury. For more knowledge about its use, you can visit

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