Secure Rebar with the Best Bar Tie Tool from Rapid Tool Australia

Without the proper tools, tying rebar can be a highly strenuous manual task. A top-quality bar tie tool is essential to ensure that the job is done to the highest standard while saving time and money.

A rebar tie tool can also protect contractors from needless repetitive strain injuries. As you probably already know, manual rebar tying can be one of the most physically gruelling tasks in the construction industry, causing consistent strain on the back, arms, and hand muscles.

In fact, research conducted by institutions such as the NIOSH in the United States and the Construction Safety Association of Ontario has highlighted the occupational risks posed to workers who tie rebar manually, prompting changes in manual labour practices at job sites. For this reason, manual rebar tying is now deemed outdated and inefficient.

RAPIDTOOL proudly carries an exceptional bar tie tool selection, including the RT-40A max 40mm rebar tier, the RT-60A max 60mm rebar tier, and replacement rebar tie wire. All these tools deliver superior rebar-tying performance that surpasses many competitors in the industry. Every rebar-tying tool undergoes testing and inspection to ensure maximum durability.

  • The RT-40A 12-40mm Rebar Tier – This exceptional automatic rebar tie gun operates swiftly, securing rebar steel in just 0.6 seconds and achieving over 5,000 ties (2 wraps) per charge.
  • The RT-60A 30-60mm Rebar Tier – This automatic rebar tie gun possesses enough power to handle even the toughest rebar tying tasks, securing ties in 0.8 seconds.
  • The RT-EXA Electronic Extension Arm – When you add this ergonomic electronic extension arm to your rebar tier, there's no need to bend over while tying. Simply press the electronic trigger to secure rebar steel in less than a second.

RAPIDTOOL is a company established and managed by experienced construction engineers who truly comprehend the daily challenges faced by engineers and tradies. Our mission is to provide solutions to these challenges through the highest quality construction tools and equipment available in the market. Contact us if you need a bar tie tool, or browse our selection here on our website.

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