Safety Points before using a Bar Cutter

You have purchased a high-quality bar cutter and now you’re excited to use it! With your new tool, you can reduce your risk of developing serious musculoskeletal injuries and increase safety on your construction site. But before anything else, you will want to know safety precautions and tips associated with using a rebar cutter. Be sure to keep these safety points in mind:

The basics

A bar cutter is designed to cut reinforcing steel bars. You have to make sure it’s designed to cut the specific type of steel that you’re using for the project. Moreover, you should wear protective gear like safety goggles or glasses along with protective gloves. Bits and pieces of metal can fly during the cutting process, so it’s important to keep yourself safe to prevent injuries. You should also warn others to be cautious when approaching you or working nearby while you’re cutting steel bars.

Perform safety checks

Before operating the rebar cutter, take the time to check the cutting blades for cracks and other damage. Ensure all screws are tightened. If the machine cannot reach its normal speed or you hear an abnormal sound, avoid using it and consult the maintenance guide. Pay attention and keep body parts away from the cutting blades and make sure the steel bar is held firmly in place when cutting.

Use per manufacturer’s recommendations

Use the bar cutter only according to the recommendations of the manufacturer. Avoid cutting bars with diameters beyond the size requirements of the tool. Be sure to go over the manual to learn more about the size limitations.

Ask for help

A bar cutter is designed to make rebar cutting quick and seamless, even when you’re working by yourself. However, if you’re working with long steel bars, consider asking someone to help set and support them.

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