Rebar Tying Tool Makes Your Construction Site Safer and Efficient

If you have manually tied reinforcing steel bars before, you will likely know how tedious and time-consuming it can be. Beyond that, it is a highly demanding task that can strain your hands, joints, arms, wrists, as well as your back if you do it in an awkward position. Construction workers who tie rebar manually are prone to developing repetitive strain injuries down the line. This could also result in more sick days and delays in finishing the project. To avoid delays and to protect workers from physical pain, it is recommended to invest in a high-quality rebar tying tool.

It’s time to protect yourself and your workers

Did you know that manual rebar tying is considered inefficient, outdated and a health hazard? That’s because it causes repetitive strain to your hand muscles, arms and back resulting in unnecessary injuries. If left untreated this can cause severe musculoskeletal damage in the long run. To keep your work site safer and efficient, it’s time for you to add a rebar tying tool to your arsenal of construction equipment and machinery.

Top-of-the-line rebar tying tools include powerful 60mm and 40mm rebar tiers, which are powerful enough to simplify and hasten the tying process. They have been specifically designed and built for the task and have been quality controlled and tested to ensure only the best product for you and your team. Reputable manufacturers of rebar tiers also offer an ergonomic and lightweight electronic extension arm. These are adjustable and help to minimise the impact on your body, especially when you have to overreach or bend your back to properly tie rebar.

Built to be tough

Be sure to invest in the right rebar tying tool that is powered by lithium-ion batteries for longer running times and a brushless feeding and twisting motor for prolonged machine life. With this product, you can tie rebar in under 1.0 second and work on over 4,500 ties per charge!

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