Rebar Tier – A Tool to Deliver Predictable Performance in Rebar Tying

It may seem like a simple and straightforward thing to do, but rebar tying can be challenging and strains your arms, hands and back. That is, if you do it manually for extended periods, you are putting yourself at risk of musculoskeletal damage and unwarranted injuries down the line. This makes manual rebar tying inefficient, hazardous and outdated. Construction companies and workers prefer to use a rebar tier. A rebar tying tool will reduce your effort and get the job done quickly and accurately!

Rebar tiers ensure that the tie wires are properly tied to keep reinforcing steel bars together and in place. They deliver reliable and powerful tying solutions that could save businesses and contractors a lot of money, time and manual effort. Rebar tiers also improve safety on the job site.  As a result, sick days can be minimised and productivity increases, which contributes to the timely completion of projects.

A high-quality rebar tier is a portable tool that allows you to work with steel bars anywhere in the construction site. It runs on 18V x 4.0Ah Li-ion battery, which is capable of lasting over 5000 ties with 2 wraps per charge or 4,500 ties with three wraps per charge. The rebar tying machine can tie mesh and bar from 12 to 40mm or 30 to 60mm in total diameter. The ergonomic design and lightweight body help reduce impact on the body. Durability is assured as the tool comes with a brushless twisting and feeding motor to help prolong service life.

More solutions for easy rebar tying

Add an electronic extension arm to your rebar tier as an innovative and ergonomic solution to further reduce the impact of rebar tying on your body. This extension arm eliminates the need to bend over and protects your back from damage. Simply pull the trigger and the rebar tying tool will do the job for you in less than a second whilst you are in the standing position.

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