Rebar Tie Machine – A Must-Have Construction Tool

Rebar reinforces concrete, strengthening walls, foundations and other structures, so it’s important to cut, bend, and tie them accurately. Tying is one of the crucial tasks to ensure a sound foundation and stable structure. However, it can also be extremely laborious when done manually. The repetitive twisting actions can strain the joints and muscles of your hands and wrists, increasing your risk of developing musculoskeletal injuries down the line. To save money and time and avoid injuries, you need a high-quality rebar tie machine to accomplish the job to the best standard.

Why do you need it?

Manual rebar tying is a back-breaking and hazardous task considered by safety agencies as a health hazard. Sometimes, it requires you to position yourself awkwardly to get it done. Using a rebar-tying machine can save you from developing repetitive strain injuries on the hands, arms and back muscles. It will perform the job safely and more efficiently to increase productivity while avoiding unnecessary costs associated with injuries or rework.

What are the options?

Rebar tying machines come in different configurations to suit every work site. You can get a world-class automatic rebar tie machine that can perform wraps in less than a second and over 5,000 ties per charge. Another option is an automatic tying gun that can complete the process for larger projects in 0.8 seconds.

The best rebar tie machines feature innovative, patented technology with a slim arm for tighter ties and shorter tie height. They have dual brushless twisting and feeding motor technology and a control system to prolong the machine's operational life. Handling them is easier as they are lightweight and ergonomic to avoid straining your hands and arms.

Accessories to make rebar tying easier

An electronic extension arm can be attached to the rebar tie machine to avoid the need to bend over when tying steel bars. It’s an ergonomic and easy-to-use attachment with an electronic trigger you can pull to tie the bars in less than a second.


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