How Does A Rebar Cutter Work?

Construction activity involves the extensive use of specialized tools by manpower. Time, material and the quality of work is critical in construction projects. Cutting reinforced steel and mixing of concrete takes up most of the requirements of any construction project.  Rebar cutters help to speed up construction activity by slicing through rebars with greater precision and speed. Learn more about the rebar cutter and its workings here.

Major components of Rebar Cutter

Of the many components that comprise a rebar cutter, the cutter block head and the pump count as the major components. The cutter block head houses a U-shaped support, cutter rod, cutter block, bolts and stopper. The pump and motor power the cutting operations and are housed within the body of the cutter in line with the cutting block head.

Grip and slice

The rebar cutter works by a simple principle of gripping the rebar and cutting it with a rod that is pushed by the motor and pump. The rebar or rebars that are required to be cut a replaced in the U-shaped support and the cutter blocks grip the rebar or rebars firmly in place. The cutter rod is pushed from its slot forwards and this

presses down on the rebar firmly which cuts cleanly at the point where the leading edges of the cutter block and cutter rod cross each other.

It is all in the power of the beastly motor to generate required force

 Rebars ranging between 4 to 32 mm are easily cut by the equipment. The ability to slice through 32 mm of reinforced steel through a portable cutter is achieved through raw power generated by the compact beasts housed in the cutters.

Strong bolts and cutter blocks to hold the rebars firmly

The cutters are greatly aided in cutting by the strong and sturdy bolts and cutter blocks that grip the rebars firmly. Made from the material that is designed to last long without any play or wear and tear, the rebar cutters are outstanding models of efficiency, possessing the ability to cut multiple rebars to precision with high speed.

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