Portable Rebar Bending Machine: A User’s Manual

Rebar benders are of great use in construction, helping contractors cut down on operating costs, while improving efficiency. With faster turnaround times for completion of tasks, and greater accuracy in bending, rebar benders offer contractors better operating margins, in addition to protecting construction workers from injuries as a result of repetitive and tedious rebar bending tasks. Here is a quick look at the simple operating instructions of the portable rebar bending machines that will help to improve the operating efficiency.Shop Portable Rebar Bending Machine From Rapid Tool Australia

Pre-use checks – It is important to carry out checks prior to use of the rebar benders. Ideally, these checks should include the following:

  • Checking of oil level
  • Checking the condition of bend module and the taut nature of bend module bolt
  • Checking if power supply is properly earthed
  • Checking the power cord for any damage and ensuring that plug is not loose
  • Carrying out a warm up operation in cold weather for 60 seconds to ensure that hydraulic oil is of proper viscosity

Cleaning during maintenance – It is mandatory to clean the rebar bender periodically. Considering the fact that the bender will be used extensively, it is important to ensure that it is cleaned post use, remembering the following instructions:

  • Clean the machine thoroughly after each use
  • Protective gloves need to be worn during cleaning to protect hands from metal splinters
  • Air guns are never to be used since dust and metal filings may enter the vents.
  • Disconnect the bender from power source before cleaning.
  • Thoroughly wipe away all dust and metal filings

Replacing oil annually – It is important to change the oil annually for trouble-free performance, bearing in mind the following:

  • Disconnect the machine from power source
  • Bring the oil plug to the uppermost position
  • Remove oil plug and seal washer
  • Drain oil, including oil residue in piston housing
  • Bring the oil plug to uppermost position
  • Fill oil through the oil plug in the machine and replace seal washer and oil plug
  • Carry out an Oil Level Check after connecting the machine to a power source.

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