Not just for experts – Rapid Tool Australia

One of the greatest benefits of the Rapid Tool product range is how easy our tools make activities that were once specialised. For example the RT-40 Rebar Tie Machine allows anybody to be an expert steel fixer. Imagine having a big mat or panel to tie and being able to employ labour hire or a friend to tie steel in under 0.8 seconds a tie and leave it looking like a professional job!

Similarly with the Cordless Rebar Cutter, anybody (except kids) can put a length of reinforcing between the machine blades and pull the trigger. Maybe you are a sole trader and just want to make life easier for yourself, Rapid Tool not only enables you to do this but also to actually increase productivity!! You will be turning over a lot more business, holidaying in Bali or doing both!! These are just some of the applications which make the Rebar Tie Machine and Cordless Rebar (reinforcing bar) Cutter unique and a must have tool for your concreting and steel fixing business.

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