Know About The Working Of Hydraulic Rebar Cutter

In construction industry, hydraulic rebar cutters are used by contractors to cut steel rod, reinforced rebar, round steel bar and deformed bar as the cutting needs to be done meticulously. During construction of mega structures, the rebar frame work has to done accurately to fix well in the grids, which takes additional time. Due to many reasons cutting rebar manually may not be precise which may lead to huge loss in materials. Hydraulic rebar cutter is one such equipment which boosts the contractor’s confidence to handle complicated projects. Here is the complete lowdown to know about the workings of electric or hydraulic rebar.

Know How Hydraulic Rebar Cutters Work By Rapid Tool Australia

Solid build quality to ensure perfect cutting job - The single phase 220-240V electric motor and the pump aids hydraulic rebar cutter with sufficient power to function seamlessly. Cutting the rebar through electric or hydraulic rebar cutter is a straightforward operation. Rebar is made to cut once it is properly placed in the U-shaped support that is between the stopper and front cutter block. On pulling the trigger-switch the piston is pushed forward and the rebar is cut precisely. High-standard blades have robust abrasive resistance which will guarantee that the hydraulic rebar cutter executes efficient cutting with prolonged cutting life.

Can handle both vertical and horizontal rebar cutting - Hydraulic rebar cutter is cutting-edge equipment that aids in easy execution of operations for various construction applications. Different construction structures require rebar’s to be cut in various alignments either in vertical or horizontal angle. Working with hydraulic rebar cutter is safer as the rebar can be cut without any sparks or relying on torches which are quite unlike manual rebar cutting.

Upgraded cutting efficiency - Well-designed hydraulic rebar cutter is capable of cutting up to 32mm diameter of rebar at greater speed. Electric or hydraulic rebar cutters are workhorses which take approximately under 3 seconds to make a quick cut. It is very simple to regulate the hydraulic pressure of the rebar cutting equipment. The sheer strength can be modified and applied to wide varieties of steel as per the application in order to improve the cutting efficiency.

Cutting rebar is an extremely demanding job in the construction site. The use of proper tools can ensure a trouble-free and risk-free operation. Investing on superior quality Equipments like hydraulic rebar cutter provides guaranteed high-quality end results.

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